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HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 16:31

Hubby promised he would be early home tonight when he went at 6 this morning. He has just phoned, he will be very late. A 7.5 ton truck ran into the back of him as he was queuing for an island on the A5. The back of the car has no glass in in, possibly his computer that he has all todays work on is mashed, as it was at the back, the tow truck will be an hour and a half. Thankfully the second truck swerved and avoided the first one. He gave his details for a witness.  The truck appears to have more damage than the volvo estate. Well  it is built like a tank.  Hubby now has to sit in a layby until the tow truck comes out.  I guess the scratch on the bumper we got this time last year from the little old lady is going to be obliterated.

Bird Feeders you Can take Apart and Clean

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 22:05

simple ring pull that comes apart.

Nothing to do with gardening

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 21:21

Try a bit of satsuma peel as well.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 07:30

We seem to have light. It is still raining.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 06:49

I have been looking at the large Allium light on Sarah Ravens website. It might go nicely with my dandelions. I had lost them in the undergrowth during summer, things like helianthus, aconites and  cephalaria were growing taller, but now they have been cut down I can see them again.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 06:44

Have you got sandbags, Punkdoc?  A place I work which was prone to flooding through the back door, they have had something constructed that a board can be slid in to make a dam, and then sandbag it at the base. They are at the bottom of the hill, so get sudden rushes with downpours that goes under the door instead of into the grate.

 Rain seems to have stopped here. Hubby has gone up the M1 to  Leeds today, so I am hoping it is clear.  No light yet, when the sun comes up, I had better check for damage outside.  It got very windy yesterday evening.

Help me save my almost 20 year old robinia

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 06:30

That looks like bad news. I think the heart wood is rotting. The dark staining would indicate that. Try poking it with a screwdriver, where the wound is. If it is soft, then rot would be confirmed. Given the proximity to the house,and that bad weather could bring the whole thing down,  I would take the tree out and replant a new tree, perhaps a little further from the house if possible.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 16:16

I'm going nowhere. I was going to take his stuff to the accountant. It can wait. Two accidents on the M1 near here.

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 10:38

If we had left it struggling, a shark or giant trevally would have eaten it. Not sure which end would be worse

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 10:31

Piddling it down since first light. Those leaves will not get swept up today. Angus seems to have totally missed nottingham derby area

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