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any idea on what plant this is?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:44

Yes, I would. In the summer if it is in a big pot, you can water well every other day, but let it drain out. Do not let it stand in water. Keep it only just damp in winter.

Plant ID please

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:42

Is that a bulb in the middle or the silvery stuff around it.?

Wildflower ID

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:39

I've got a nice pink one with variegated leaves.I did buy the one named Jenny but it died after the first year.

any idea on what plant this is?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:25

It is some sort of citrus I think. Crush a leaf, does it smell lemony?

Citrus prefer a slightly acid compost, there is specialist citrus compost and feed sold. Keep frost free in winter, i put my lemon outside in the summer, and water well in summer months, but keep it on the dry side in winter. they do not like being parked next to draughts or radiators, they will often drop their leaves , but grow new ones in Spring.

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:19

and you'd have to get through the brambles first.

Robin Wight is no longer taking commissions for fairies. He makes what he feels like and has sold one on ebay. He said he hated the experience, so the last one he did by sealed bids. He didn't take the highest bid, it went for a lower offer to a hospice in Devon.

He prefers them to be on public display so everyone can enjoy them.  His daughter makes the dandelions, and when we picked them up ast December, the waiting list was over a year.

His son sells small kits with a basic model, instructions and wire so you can make one yourself.

I had one made for me by my hubby,and he has two kits in hand to make more.

Hubbys version based on the one below

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:05

Concrete blocks is all I have to say.

Wildflower ID

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:02

I have them growing in dry shade. There are a lot on the M1 embankment, and there is some variation, some having a reddish calyx, giving the overall plant a much redder appearance.

It prefers welldrained soil  rather than wet conditions.

Ragged robin (Lychnis flos cuculi) is superficially similar and likes wet conditions.

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Tomato feed

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 14:15

I find that Phostrogen can be used on most things, and is fairly economical.

Most vegetables I only feed when I plant them. I give them all a handful of Blood fish and bonemeal when I am preparing the soil. Feed the soil and not the plant.

 for top ups, i use soluble Phostrogen for tomatoes and cucumbers and  other things in pots.

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Wildflower ID

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 14:12

Yes. Silene dioica

Runner Beans

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 08:44

Runner beans don't need much feed. If you give them too much nitrogen, you will have lots of leaves and no flowers. Give them a mulch of compost mixed with as little granular fertiliser or blood, fish and bone. Make sure you water beans well. If they get dry, the flowers don't set well to form pods.

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