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Posted: 07/06/2016 at 18:52

You cut the old leaves off in spring to showcase the flowers. You will currently have this year's leaves and the flower stalks. Cut the flower stalks back to the base. Leave all the leaves on unless they are diseased, they will build the plant up to give a good flower display next year. If you give them a liquid feed every now and then during the summer, that will help too. A teaspoon of phostrogen in a watering can of water once a fortnight will do.

1st garden!! What are all these plants????

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 18:03

Does pampas grass ring a bell.? Nasty sharp stuff that you need gloves to get it out?

Aquilegia flowers 2016

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 17:55

B3, what sort of shape do you want?

Singles, doubles, pom poms, Barlow shape, long spurred, short spurred, stellata? 

Then choose what colour you want.  I'll see what I can do. Oh I have some golden leaved varieties too.

1st garden!! What are all these plants????

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 15:36

I agree with Andy.  Lollipopping it does not work for most shrubs. Thin out old wood to the base.  If the plants are too big, scrap them and start again with something more suitable to the space.

The jasmine will probably need a good watering. Treat that planter as if it is a big pot. It may get too dry.

Campaign to save the pain of.....

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 15:30

Pulled up two more dead penstemons today, with roots enclosed in teabags. 

My cuttings won't be going in teabags thats for sure.

Bee & Butterfly Friendly Plants

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 15:02

Knautia macedonica" melton pastels" and Cephalaria gigantea are  loved by bees.

Jasmine or honeysuckle "Graham Thomas" would be good on the trellis, as would any wisteria or Single flowered clematis.

Any umbellifer is good for hoverflys, bronze fennel is easy from seed, Anthiscus sylvestris "Ravenswing" adds a change of colour. Ammi Majus sown late this year will form big early flowering plants for next year.

Do I need a greenhouse?

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 14:09

I would start with one of the mini plastic greenhouses to see how you get one. You can rig it against the house wall. Make sure to fasten it well as they have a tendency to blow over. Most of the supermarkets have them in Spring, and garden centres. The covers don't last long, but you will see how you go on. My first greenhouse was corrugated plastic on a wooden frame. ( 6 ft x 8ft). I was only ten, they thought I would grow out of it.  It got replaced when I was 14 with a 16ft x 8ft glass and aluminium structure.  Once you get the bug for seed sowing and striking cuttings, you just need more space.

ID please

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 14:03

It looks like a peach or nectarine tree with really bad peach leaf curl.  The bad leaves will probably drop off and you get better leaves after. You have to protect the tree from rain in Spring, maybe rig a plastic greenhouse over it. Pick up any infected leaves and burn them. Do not compost as that spreads fungal infections.

1st garden!! What are all these plants????

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 14:00

Andy is probably right. furry leaves on new shoots are not Bay.  I wish I could enlarge photos properly.

1st garden!! What are all these plants????

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 13:39

The golden leaved one looks like a golden leaved Jasmine, possibly "Fiona sunrise"

The shiny dark leaved one looks like bay.

 The jagged leafed  tree in the wooden bucket looks like a cherry of some sort.

Yes old spiky is a phormium. It could be sliced in half with a saw in Spring. The roots are massive but take quite rough treatment.

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