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olive tree

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 12:42

Lots of grit, and then some more. They cope better with poor soils, but must have free draining.  The entire bed will need to be that type of soil, otherwise you get a sump and the water just seeps back.

I would get  the biggest pot you can (or maybe one of this big wooden box planters on wheels.), raise it on pot feet, and wrap it up for winter in fleece.


Posted: 14/06/2016 at 12:25

At last I didn't get locked up in the Tower.

Anyway its a good excuse to go again, but I may book a hotel and stay overnight I think, for an evening tour. I thought, a two hour journey and we would be back just after midnight.

At least I didnt flood the car. In the middle of the floods was a car with water past the sills, his hazards going, and lorries creating a bow wave washing over the bonnet.  That was the point I turned around to find another route.

Half a tank of petrol and two hours or risk having to buy a new car... no contest really.Of course hubby said I had gone completely the wrong way, I should have done Evesham to Coventry to Leicester to Nottingham. Next time I'll take his car with the sat nav.

Someone's stolen 'Talkback'

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 12:18

I always thought that talkback was odd. It needed  a connection to the original article so that we knew what the original poster was talking back about.  They always seem like random comments.


Posted: 14/06/2016 at 11:49

just lost half a page of typing

Anyway to summarise. Nightmare journey around the West Midlands. Floods, cone city, detours on detours, roads closed with no detour and not a toilet from Birmingham to Derby, where we ended up in Macdonalds at 2 am.

Home at 3

 Lazy day for me today.


Posted: 14/06/2016 at 11:44

Well I can probably beat being sick on the sofa. I was sick on HRH front door steps, at Highgrove house.

Amazing how fast a buggy was dispatched to pick me up and whisk me back to the restaurant area, out of the way.

Nightmare journey there. A two hour each way journey took five hours each way.

A man decided to climb a gantry on the M1 on Sunday afternoon, and was there until 5pm last night, so the M1 was closed in both directions from 23a to 22. That of course caused trouble at the connection with the M42, where the download festival at Castle Donington was turning out. Basically the east Midlands was at Gridlock. we went A38 to Birmingham, then managed to pick up the M42 and M5.  We stopped at Strensham services to use the facilities, a place I normally avoid. Because of queues, we had a costa coffee and a sandwich each, then pressed on. The west Midland seems to be cone city. Roadworks everywhere. I must buy shares in the company that makes traffic cones.

We arrived at Highgrove,went in the tradesmans entrance, got security checked,warned to leave cameras and phones in the car,  and then grouped for the tour.  The sun had even tried to come out and the rain stayed away.

I have to say the garden is beautiful. His delphiniums are 8 ft high,and he has hundreds.  The cottage garden is looking gorgeous, which you would expect at this time of year. Lots of golden leaved Philadelphus  in flower. Over the thyme walk past the topiary,  we got to the terrace area where a cedar that had honeyfungus has been transformed into a sculpture to echo the church spire at Tetbury, and I had a sudden wave of dizziness. I sat down on a wall. Guide was very worried, said I had gone white as a sheet,did I need help?. A minute or two and the dizziness went and we pressed on.  The bird feeders over the pristine hostas are a nice touch. The terrace garden adjacent to the house we were not allowed in but could look at from outside. Four large olive trees, and pots containing Salvia patens in full bloom. Lovely splash of colour.

The rose garden has been ripped out, roses do not do well because the air is too good, they get riddled with blackspot. It had been planted with aquilegias, lots of large yellow lupins and more 8 ft delphiniums.

We moved around to the front door, to see the wildflower meadow with the orchids in, and then I was sick as a dog on the front door step.  I was dispatched back to base, mum continued the tour. I continued to deteriorate, needing the facilities again, and being given water. The lady looking after me was very good, but when I started shaking, she was getting ready to call an ambulance. Hot water with highgrove oganic honey in seemed to stop that, I was running on empty by this time and I think my blood sugar level must have been through the floor. An hour later, when mum had walked two miles around the garden, the tour arrived back for supper. Mum saw the stumpery, the childrens tree house, the acre walled kitchen garden with lettuces the size of footballs, and the rhodos that grow on a stripe of acid soil that  just one part of the 15 acre garden has.

Pimms on the terrace was served. The gift shop was open, and the plants in the plant area were excellent.  We were served salmon and tiny new potatoes and  mixed veg out of the garden, followed by a rich chocolate torte with cherries in a sauce.I couldn't eat much, but the quality was excellent. One lady on our table has been four times, and was telling us that the menu has been different every time,depending on what is in season. Tea and coffee was served and then we left for home, quite late, just as it was getting dark.

The M5 was shut, detours were signposted, traffic slowed until we came to a flood. Big lorries were pushing through, up to the

Gardening Crafters

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 06:13

Have a good afternoon , Pat.

Gardening Crafters

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 05:47

Yes, I think I ate something that disagreed with me last night. I have a long car trip today, as I'm taking mum to see Highgrove gardens. No cameras allowed in, so I will just have to have a  good memory.

I love your paintings, I wish I could illustrate like that.

The toddler pants are adorable. I can't knit . Do you do yarnbombing? In Fremantle in WA, at south beach, all the lamp posts have knitted covers. It brightens the place up.

Tulip and Daff offsets

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 05:33

Very small ones will not flower next year. You would have to grow them on for a year or two to get them to flowering size. With tulips, unless you naturalise them and leave them where they are, it's best to only replant the biggest bulbs, and get new ones to top up with.

Deadheading Knautia

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 05:31

I dead head Knautia macedonica Melton pastels. I think it prolongs flowering, usually there is a bud ready to open if you stop it making seed from the first one in the sequence.

Aquilegia flowers 2016

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 04:10

I will put seed on the seed swap thread after I have collected it. Seed of aquilegias can be sown late summer, the seedlings then die down for the winter and have a head start on spring sown one's. I pricked out Autumn sown one's in March. I left them in the same seed tray over last winter, pricked them into single three inch pots in March, which are now ready to go in the ground for flowering next May.

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