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Wildlife gardening

Posted: 05/01/2017 at 18:09

I would try a feeder with sunflower hearts only. Once you get birds eating that, introduce a fat block or two. Niger seeds for goldfinches are wonderful, but goldfinches only seem to appear at well populated feeding stations, so I would leave those for a bit.

 The quality of the food is a big factor. I have very fussy birds.  I threw some old bread out, and they just turned their beaks up at it.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 22:04

Is that a gremlin or a green man I spy?

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 19:53

The patio robin is currently turning his beak up at dried mealworms. He was totally spoiled in the summer when I bought some live ones. He's not getting any more until he has a new family to feed.

 Its already freezing hard here. The gritters were out late afternoon.  I'm staying put in front of a fire.

New Midsomer murders tonight. They're killing Sikes off

Why don't the birds visit my feeder?

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 17:34

If you've not opened the second, I would take it back.

Why don't the birds visit my feeder?

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 12:51

That pack looks to be full of wheat or other large cereal that only wood pigeons seem to eat. All of my small birds just chuck it out, it can then attract pigeons and rats. If you want something simple, most of the birds I get will eat sunflower hearts and there is no mess.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 09:46

I do pick up glass bottles and the odd glass lying about.  I seem to have a few Carling pint  glasses that I think come from the pub up the road. They wander down to the bus stop with them and leave them there.

I picked some glass beer bottles up from the grass verge near south beach in Fremantle last time I was there. I walked all of about five yards and binned them. Someone commented that it was good of me. I commented that I hate to see rubbish, that glass bottles on grass where children run about barefoot is absolutely the worst, the grass cutter comes along and breaks them. The kids run about barefoot after coming off the beach. Next thing its a hospital job.  Why don't people put their picnic rubbish in a bin or take it home and bin it?

We have had a hard frost here and the house is freezing. The new boiler doesn't seem to have fired up this morning. It is flashing error codes.  Hubby has done same as you do with a computer. Switch it all off and then on again. It seems to have sorted it. If it plays up again, my brother will have to come and sort it. He is so busy with boilers at the moment. The old sort used to need hardly any fixing. A service every year or so and they were fine.  New ones are much more temperamental.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 09:33

I figure if all the excess dying conifers come out, it will let in a lot more light. the eucalypt and a couple of mature beech will give some structure.  The boundary on that side will increase by about 5 m .  I have no idea why you would plant a row of conifers so far in to the garden. It's so not a boundary hedge and as a room divider they are way out of control.

I can grow some plants on to go in, but there is a lot of clearing to do first. There is no point putting in plants that will suffer from lack of light,

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 23:46

I've been to Wales for the weekend to visit SIL in her new house and garden. New years eve saw a lot of alcoholic refreshment consumed.It was tipping it down with rain and not fit to be out.  New years day, a walk along Harlech beach started with me in t shirt and trousers, woolly jumper , fleece, berghaus windproof jacket followed by sheepskin coat(made with real polyesters) With two hoods up I was still freezing. There was snow on the top of Manod, and 4 C on the beach. We warmed up by dragging a builders bag we found, and filled it up with all the plastic bottles,plaster bucket,  glass bottles, bits of fishing net, an old bouy, and other non biodegradeable rubbish. Me and hubby dragged it back to the car park and left it at the side of the rubbish bin. The rest of the party tried to pretend they weren't with us. We'll probably get done for fly tipping. My sheepskin coat has a pocket full of shells and a cuttle fish bone. (good job its machine washable)

Today I inspected the new garden.  It backs up to a hill and is on  a slope which is mainly terraced. What do I think.? Well the row of huge 40ft  Lawsons cypress with lots of dead need to come down. Leave the beech and eucalyptus. The greenhouse under them is past it. If they remove it, cut the laurel down to six foot, it would make a nice flat area for a garden studio, overlooking the view down the valley. The third shed with the glass missing will make a wood store for the said cypress logs to dry out ready for the log burner. No I'm not doing it.  Get a qualified man in. The overgrown veg patch needs the part rotted compost spreading on it, cover with cardboard or black plastic, then plant blight resistant potatoes in March.  The overpruned apple trees  that now have loads of water shoots need winter pruning. All long bits off down to six inches.  The stream through one corner will look nice with a gunnera at the back and some candelabra primulas, a few astilbes and a rodgersia or two. Crug Farm is only a short drive away. There looks to be a very nicely shaped large magnolia.

Then I left them to it. We visited Ashwood nurseries on the way back, but only bought a flowering indoor jasmine and some bird food,

 When we got back, we got a text to say the apples have now been pruned. The beginnings of a large project, I think.

Happy New year everyone .

  Bed for me .


Posted: 02/01/2017 at 18:44

I get a lot of free books from it for my kindle. I load up chicklit for the holidays. If I don't like it after a few pages, its easy enough to send back to the cloud.

The Tiger Wormery

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 18:41

This may be useful, an old thread on vermiculture.

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