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Two-year-old strawberry bush

Posted: 02/09/2017 at 08:47

Second year fruit will be fine if you feed the plants regularly  with a liquid fertiliser meant for flowers/fruit such as tomato food.  Perlite and cocopeat will have no nutrients for the plant, it is just there to hold the roots in place.  Year 1 plant  no or minimum fruit . Years two and three maximum fruit provided it is fed. Year 4 the plants will start to decrease fruiting due to viruses etc. Take runners off the plants in years two and three to start the cycle again.  You should then have a third each of one year old, two year old, and three year old plants.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 01/09/2017 at 08:43

Good Luck . Chicky.

Picking and doing something with damsons is on the agenda for the day here.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 01/09/2017 at 08:42

Looks like the mods are up. It was just getting ...... peculiar?

 Maybe a cyber attack from North Korea?

Foreign students practising their translation skills?   but why do they post it online?

Cool Composting

Posted: 01/09/2017 at 08:39

How long is a piece of string. ?

It depends on what the stuff is, how much air is in the mix, how wet it is, as well as temperature.

Drier stuff takes a lot longer.

Softer stuff ike grass cuttings decomposes faster than oak chippings.

 I try and mix it all up as well as I can, make sure it is damp and then stand back. Two weeks of heating up and cooling down, and I mix it again.  Then the brandlings move in. Second stage can take six months. 

The Great Buckwheat Experiment

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 23:02

I remember using tagetes planted thickly to eradicate ground elder.. It is supposed to secrete something in the roots that the ground elder doesn't like. 

It seemed to help. It may have been the forking though to prepare the ground.

Raspberry Problem.

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 20:56

Old canes do  get rust. It makes it obvious which to cut out.  Caterpillar is just random. The thing that bothers them are raspberry beetle larvae that get in the fruit. You can get pheromone traps.   Clean up any leaves that drop on the floor, and dispose of, (burn or put in council bin. Do not compost on site) In the Spring, give them a feed and a mulch. I have soaker hoses laid around my raspberries, they like more water than falls from the sky here.

Harvest 2017

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 20:49

We had the first four sweet corn of the year today. (lunch). I picked another load of beans, french are finishing, runners going strong. Cavolo Nero is growing at a pace, I picked some for dinner. We had Polka raspberries with porridge for breakfast . There are loads of Victoria plums ready, the wild damsons look ready to pick tomorrow if it doesn't rain. The garage fridge is full of tomatoes, Early Worcester and Discovery apples and Beth pears.

Bedding in Planters in September

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 17:13

Winter flowering pansies. Some primulas are starting to flower now.

passion flower

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 16:29

Too much nitrogen will make it grow too many leaves. Use a high potash tomato fertiliser instead.  Trim the ends of the stems  by a bit to make it bush. (not more than a third of the new growth)

Plants that root in water

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 14:46

I take cuttings of Brugmansia in Autumn. They live in a jar of water in the kitchen windowsill all winter, then I pot them up in Spring. They will usually flower the same year.

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