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Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 20/11/2017 at 23:00

As for kitties climbing trees, Lenny the leopard (neighbours bengal cat) was seen 15 ft up a silver birch, raiding a wood pigeons nest. They bought him a collar with a bell. He managed to lose that in 24 hours. He takes them presents of dead mice, frogs, toads etc, and left me a dead squirrel on the back doorstep. He is trying to move in with us , as he hasn't taken to their new puppy. The other dog is a miniature yorkie, he could beat that up easily. The puppy is going to be bigger than him. When I try and put him over the fence, and tell him to go home, He swears at me quite vociferously.

What is this?

Posted: 20/11/2017 at 22:52

Can you show a close up of the leaves?

Does it smell at all if you crush the leaves?

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 20/11/2017 at 19:55

The top of our xmas tree gets tie wrapped to the curtain pole in the bay window. I hope that will stop the neighbours cat from climbing it.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 20/11/2017 at 18:20

That looks like xmas pudding with spaghetti on top.  It'll never catch on.  Reggie looks worn out.

 it has taken us all day to take hubbys books to the accountant, and his ipad magic keyboard back to the supplier. Its not being very magic, won't talk to the ipad.  Hotel chocolat for a few xmas pressies and to stock up on the special hot choc with clementine. Yum.  We called in at the xmas tree place, but the size we want is not in yet. Last year we were too late, and ended up dragging the poor old plastic one out of the attic. It went in the bin after xmas.  Tomorrow we are off to Chatsworth Farm shop. We have a fillet of beef for xmas day, then Turkey, Pork etc on boxing day with the other 18 in the family.

 Chin up , Dove and punkdoc.

Happy hols to chicky and Hostafan.

Doormice eat fruit in trees

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 19:47


Pumpkin wont grow

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 10:08

Assuming you are in southern hemisphere.

Pumpkins need a lot of feed and water, (and heat). The best stuff is well rotted farm yard manure. At this point it should have no smell. Or you could use plenty of home made compost and some fertiliser.  If you have used farm yard manure, you need to make sure it has not been contaminated with a particular type of weedkiller(aminopyralid)  which tends to be residual.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 10:31

Chicky, you will love Kuranda.  Go up on the train, do the dukw amphibious vehicle tour of rainforest, visit Jack the ripper croc, and back down on the cable car. Finish off with the aboriginal culture place.tjapukai. it's an excellent day trip.

If you have not already booked the hotels arrange it, pickup and drop off at your hotel. 

Hot air ballooning over the Atherton tablelands, good. 

I wouldn't bother with the lava tubes again. A long ride to see a cave.

Can anyone identify this tree?

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 09:57

If you are in Sydney, then quite likely.  The early colonial explorers  planted a lot of these to provide spare masts for ships. Then they found they are too brittle to be used as masts. There are a lot about the coast in Oz though.

Can anyone identify this tree?

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 09:15

Picea breweriana or Cedrus deodara ? in UK. Both soft leaved, weeping conifers.

Can anyone identify this tree?

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 09:11

What country are you in? I have seen many Norfolk Island pines in WA. The Quokkas on Rottnest love them. They have lovely soft foliage unlike their relative , the monkey puzzle , which is hardy in the UK. I do not believe  Norfolk Island Pine would grow well to any size in the UK. I have seen the odd small one used inside in shopping centres.

A soft conifer  could be a Picea, however, without a photo of the full tree, cones, and leaves, impossible to identify.

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