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tonights beechgrove, red hot pokers.

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 10:14

Does anyone else have a problem with blue tits decimating the flowers? They pull off each floret one by one.

Shy cosmos

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:58

Trentham gardens today. Taller than I am.They appear to have been grown from seed in Situ.

insects on ivy

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:42

The disguise did the trick. We were very careful around it until we realised it was a hoverfly.

I know people decry tree ivy, but the hawthorn hedge on the front looks like a hedge of ivy flowers at the moment, with a few twigs of hawthorn sticking through. It was smothered in insects all feeding in the sunshine today.

insects on ivy

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:38

Hi,Nut.  I think you are right.  Just the one, twice the size of all the other hoverflies on the ivy.  Another newcomer to the garden. 


insects on ivy

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:31

OK,I think it is the Hornet mimic hoverfly... duh..

Volucella zonaria

insects on ivy

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:25

Sorry about the butterfly in the middle. The hoverfly has a yellow stripe on the head. Anyone any idea what it is.?

insects on ivy

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 23:23

I thougt we had a hornet on the ivy, but I think it is the biggest hoverfly I've seen. It is twice the size of normal hoverflies.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 22:26

I have two wedding dresses, 36 years apart. Not the same size!!!

tonights beechgrove, red hot pokers.

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 22:25

Having trawled the internet, I think they must be Kniphofia uvaria "Nobilis" It seems the only one to grow to 2m. Quite a few sources but the postage is excessive. It may have to wait for a bit. I put it on the list.

Plants and shrubs used by local housing association

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 22:22

I have been to Trentham gardens today. The  traffic Island outside and several areas inside by the lake have been mass planted with an annual mix, a lot of cosmos, and prairie areas. Last year they had one bit by the pond. Pictorial meadows who supply seed for such schemes have been working with a lot of councils, to mass seed areas to encourage wildlife, it also looks good.  Just an idea to throw into the mix...

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