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Rhubarb & Onion

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 20:41

I rotate sweet corn, onions, and courgette/pumpkins around the sunniest beds. Beans, brassicas except caulis and potatoes will cope with less sun.

Thinking of buying

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 20:28

I should add I use two packets and plant in a block, 7 rows of 10. The odd plant, or planted in a long line, will not pollinate well, because it is wind pollinated.

Thinking of buying

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 20:27

I have had sweetcorn swift, two years running. One wet, one hot. Both years it did really well. It needs the sunniest position you can give it.


Posted: 16/02/2014 at 20:15

I dug up Poppy pattys plum, because it was sprouting and I remembered I dont like the muddy coloured flowers even if everyone else raves about it.  It fell apart and I potted the bits. 10 plants of pattys plum anyone?

I managed to stick a fork through one of the tree lilies, but I replanted it and I think it will survive. Weeded, and top dressed with FYM, thats their lot for this year.

That big pile of FYM isn't going down very fast.

Rack of lamb/roasties, cabbage and peas for dinner. Now some nice red wine.......

 Have a good evening folks.

Cost of the hobby of gardening per year?.

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 19:16

I dont't go clubbing/pubbing. I don't need to pay a gym subscription. I didn't need to buy veg and not much fruit from June to end of October. I still have a lot of my own onions, and jam, and apples in the freezer.

Cost of a decent size garden---- ridiculous

How much do  I spend each year? as much or as little as I want. some years very little. Last year, I joined this forum and got a bit carried away at new nurseries.

Rhubarb & Onion

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 19:08

Same as Nutcutlet says. Rhubarb will tolerate shade. Onions need sun to grow to a good size.


Posted: 16/02/2014 at 15:50

and next year there will be 200.


Posted: 16/02/2014 at 13:28

Its very spring like here, busy lizzie,  Just what we need after the recent weather.

 Sausage sandwich eaten, back to the garden for me too. Must put the hot water on, I'm going to need a long bath afterwards.

Positive thoughts and silly things for the tough times

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 12:59

Uz seh----- this is absolutely  not necessary. If you don't like someones posts, just click on their avatar, and press the ignore button.  I have reported this to mods.

 If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all, or PM the person privately.


Posted: 16/02/2014 at 12:49

Panda, one of the hellebores has your name on it. Also I can sort you out some scatter seeds of annuals for your patch.

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