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Plant id please

Posted: 23/10/2015 at 10:42

Bit small for cosmos.  I think more likely to be a white bidens. Have a look at Bidens. "Pirate pearl" on thompson and morgan website.

Little Scarlet

Posted: 22/10/2015 at 16:13

Tiptree jam is always lovely. I like their tiny tip raspberry.


Posted: 22/10/2015 at 13:10

DD, I know how you feel. Himself knows he has to lose weight, and I've given him a lot of leeway recently, but the new kitchen will need locks on food cupboard doors. There are now no biscuits or cake in the house. If you're hungry , eat an apple. We have a fridge full of them.


Posted: 22/10/2015 at 07:41

Liri, I feel for you. (Hugs)

Hubbys mother had alzheimers for over ten years. His fathers sister  was diagnosed later with vascular dementia, but went downhill a lot faster. His paternal grandmother also had some form of dementia. With it on both sides of the family, all in females, if there is a genetic link then I think his sister will be hoping a cure can be found soon.

My sister has a sign in her kitchen....Adventures before Alzheimers. Ever since she jumped out of a plane to do a tandem parachute jump, at the age of 56, my great neice calls her Supergran.

I'm off to work. Play nicely ,folks.

Clematis Montana

Posted: 21/10/2015 at 17:17

Sarah Raven recommends Clematis montana wilsonii, for perfumed white flowers, flowering in May.

Clematis Montana

Posted: 21/10/2015 at 17:15

If you go to Taylors clematis website, you can search by colour. They give a lot of info regarding size and spread, and flowering times.

Clematis Montana

Posted: 21/10/2015 at 17:12

Montana are among the first to flower. I would call them spring flowering. One would cover that space, I have one that goes up 20ft into a hawthorn.


Posted: 21/10/2015 at 17:09

How much heat can you provide?

It must be more cost effective to buy new plants each year.

Whats wrong with this cucumber?

Posted: 21/10/2015 at 10:17

Cut it off and throw on the compost heap. Unless you have a lot of heat on in the greenhouse, it's time to clear out the greenhouse for winter.


Posted: 20/10/2015 at 19:42

Is it raining down there?

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