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Cheap veg seeds

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 20:09

I bought most of this years veg seeds last year , when the garden centre reduced all packets to 50p. The only ones I insist on buying new and hence top price are onions and parsnips. The gardening mags give away a lot, and some of the offers in the papers are good, even if you do get inundated with catalogues afterwards.

Cheap veg seeds

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 19:45

If you only have a small plot, they are OK. Just not many seeds in a packet. Once they've germinated, anything after that is down to you. The most expensive seed will not do well in poor soil and no light.


Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:29

Afternoon all, hope everyone is safe. There is a lot of wind here, but otherwise OK. We have had it fairly easy here in the midlands, while the southwest has been battered. Oh well, fairly quiet here, back to work for me.

Beginners help with seeds

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:25

There is a bit on gardeners called "what to do now" It gives a week by week list of what to sow etc and when to plant out. You can adjust a week either side dpending on whether you are North or South (differing climates) I find garden centres have tender plants far too early. They are OK if you have a heated greenhouse. Otherwise you lose them to the frost and have to buy again (good for the garden centre)


Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:16

I'm glad you got them , James.

GardenIng jokes

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:08


Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:04

More like sat in a real shed, eating real cake.


Posted: 05/02/2014 at 13:03

The best potatoes for roasties are edzell blue. don't let them near water. just roll around in a bit of fat or oil and  putin a hot oven.

Beginners help with seeds

Posted: 04/02/2014 at 21:22

They need to be kept damp. the glass should keep them like that until they germinate.

I would plant cucumbers and peppers in a propagator in a greenhouse in March.  The trouble with growing on windowsills in the house is that  the seedlings get leggy from lack of light and too much heat.

Beginners help with seeds

Posted: 04/02/2014 at 20:55

Have you got a greenhouse for the peppers/cucumbers to go into? I think you are a bit early. The plants are going to be lanky due to lack of light before you can plant them outside  at the end of May. Basil needs heat and sunshine. Peas can go outside from March. Onion pants will need a lot of light and be Ok in a coldframe but not in a house.

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