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3 IDs please

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 15:15

The tree peony looks like Joseph Rock.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 11:27

But what were they planning on shredding?

Dahlias - have they perished?

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 11:20


They are probably still cold. 

If you have any cover such as a cold greenhouse, digging up and potting on should encourage them. If you have a cliche over them where they are that would help.

If the tubers have not rotted over winter, they will grow. 

A lot of mine, still in the greenhouse, have not emerged yet. They still have good fat tubers, they will come up when they are ready.

Breaking the rules

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 09:53

The rules for cuttings are that they have to be taken at a certain time of year.

My rule is, if the chance to take a cutting is offered, take it there and then, the offer may not come along later.

Take one cutting, it will die. Take four and you will have three spare to give away to friends.

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Posted: 20/04/2017 at 08:19

That link is not working properly. The photo of the chopped banana is on page  71 of gallery of shame. It has survived the winter well and is just starting to grow.  I just use general purpose peaty compost.(Levington Pro M3) I think any MPC will do. What they will need is plenty of water and feed when they start growing. Mine is confined in that pot, and last year it grew huge.  Use the biggest pot that you can handle.  The hole in the garden that this will occupy, currently has a same size pot of bulbs in, holding its space.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 08:09

T'other half went for a walk up the mountain at the back of SIL's place. That is in Snowdonia. They overlook Manod.  I was lazy and just planted tatties. Apparently they used to do this walk regularly as teenagers.  However, now approaching pensionable age, SIL, BIL, and hubby spent most of the next day complaining about how stiff their calves were. That would be Maundy Thursday. They didn't meet any political types up there. Apparently by the lake it was very quiet, not even traffic noise to be heard.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 20/04/2017 at 08:03

Well done, Liri. I hope it does well. A couple of weeks ago, some new trees were planted in the local park. Some little s***s snapped the trees in half over the Easter weekend.

I had four chitted potatoes left from the marathon planting at SIL's. I spent yesterday planting them. The planting took ten minutes. Digging out the couch grass that was invading from under some slabs took hours.  I am hardening off sweet peas and broad beans with a view to getting them  in the ground at the weekend. Anyone got the sweet peas in the ground yet? These are Spring sown, so probably not as advanced as the autumn sown.

A blackbird was stood on the edge of the pond, helping himself to large fat tadpoles.  A couple of butterflies were flitting around, and the beeflies zip around like golden snitches.

Mrs Duck came for breakfast yesterday on her own. Then Lenny the neighbours bengal cat turned up. He looked really pleased with himself as he yowled by the back door. He has taken to running around the garden, more like a terrier than a cat.

After planting the potatoes, I came back down the garden to find Mr and Mrs  Duck sat on the flat garage roof.  No sign of Lenny, so they had another feed on the lawn.

 To say we have no pets, my animal food bill is soaring.  I have to put in an order for live mealworms for the robins soon.

Its a bit drizzly here this morning. Have a good day folks.


Posted: 19/04/2017 at 20:41

mine are still in from last year and are only just showing. Give it time.

Unusual tulips

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 18:30

I think they are called waterlily tulips.

I think the heat from the wall has probably drawn them up.

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Weed or Plant?

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 16:36

mine as well. They look like the new shoots on my polka raspberries.

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