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Bug identification please.

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 20:21

Can anybody I.D. this for me?

It was in the front garden this afternoon. Big body, noticeable as black and yellow, although when the wings are closed you cant see that. Photo is on an Ivy leaf.



Posted: 31/05/2014 at 15:12

I've filled one brown wheely bin, just started on the second (next doors).

I'm throwing the big slugs in with the weeds.

A squirrel has taken a fancy to my tall yellow scabious, biting off branches to bring the flowers down, and then running off with the flowers.

I need something to eat then back to the jungle.


Posted: 31/05/2014 at 08:26

Domestic goddess where do I get one of those then?

Do they sell them in Sainsburys?


Posted: 31/05/2014 at 08:23

Did anyone  see Carrie Thomas and touchwood aquilegias on gardeners world last night?  Those double yellows and the variations are what I'm hoping that I've now got dozens of seedlings of. They should flower next year. There's still time to order seeds and get them in asap. Those going to barnsdale, I will bring some seedlings with me.

Time to clear out the island bed and put in the tropical... cannas, brugmansia ,agave, echeverias., all we need now is some sunshine.

Help! Peaty and boggy soil ... any plant suggestions?

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 07:47

I'm guessing you're in the swan river basin. I've seen lots of the white zantedeschia growing as a weed up there in boggy areas.  As its classed as an introduced weed I guess you won't want it. There are coloured versions you may get at Bunnings.

 You could grow many plants that we can't grow in England,because there is no frost or snow. You could use swamp myrtles  or the paperbark eucalyptus for shade. They will be ok with wet feet. A lot of plants that need better drainage,would be better in big pots or raised beds adding sand and gravel to increase the drainage.

Kings park has a sale of native plants every spring. The resident botanists should be able to give you advice,or you could look around the lower lakes and see what is growing well.most plants are labelled.

Is my conifer doomed

Posted: 30/05/2014 at 11:01

Part of the lawsons cypress on the front is doing the same thing. Its only on  late cut surfaces. Currently I am assuming it was trimmed too late last year, and new growth got damaged. The brown bits seem to brush off and there is new growth underneath. How about yours?, does the brown bits brush off?

Mature Trees in Staffordshire

Posted: 30/05/2014 at 09:12

Bluebell arboretum and nursery near Ashby de la zouch.

Biennial / Perennial growing from seed

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 22:10

I'm waiting for some perennial sunflowers to flower from last years plants. (helianthus laetiflorus). Now, what to choose for next year... I think I need some  Campanula pyramidalis,I seem to have lost all mine when I cleared a bed last year.

Biennial / Perennial growing from seed

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 22:07

I'll take a picture tomorrow, provided its not hissing down again.

Biennial / Perennial growing from seed

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 22:02

Yes, herbaceous perennials go right down in the winter, and then erupt in the spring to give flowers in the second year,usually. Thompson and Morgan have a list of first year flowering perennials, but you have to get them in early for them to flower the first year. Better to sow around now, and produce a strong plant to overwinter. Sometimes it takes three years. I have Inula  and Michauxia just starting to flower, from plants grown two years ago.

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