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Aquilegia flowers 2016

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 20:44

Nora Barlow,  Layers of petals, one that had added its genes  to most of mine.

Black barlow

Pink pom pom

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 20:36

help identify plant

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 20:26

The aliens have been at it again

Caper spurge.  Euphorbia Lathyris.

 The sap causes sensitisation of skin to sun, and will cause burns, so remove using gloves.

Plants identity

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 20:19

1st one an aeonium

2nd  Lychnis coronaria

 3rd one a candelabra primula, possible pulverulenta

 Not sure of last one.

 Does it smell oniony?

2 x ID please

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 20:08

top  one is an opium poppy, paeoniflora or double type.


Posted: 05/06/2016 at 17:21

I think if you dead head,the plant is stronger for next year, but I  save seed off of a lot of mine, so I only cut down the ones I dont want to seed.

Is this a weed?

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 17:14

Yes that is a weed. one of the chenopodiums.

Please can anyone identify this plant ?

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 17:12

cherry laurel? Prunus laurocerasus

Please can anyone identify this plant ?

Posted: 05/06/2016 at 16:59

Big leaves so would rule out  both privet and philadelphus.


Posted: 05/06/2016 at 16:56

No.  I find that once the flowering shoot has gone up from the basal rosette of leaves, it makes no difference. They are not repeat flowerers.

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