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What is this plant at Exbury Gardens?

Posted: 02/06/2012 at 08:04
Can you spot it in this lot?

Name the rose

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 18:31
Unfortunately your pictures aren't visible.

June in Your Garden!

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 17:57
Planted out butternut squash, 10 strawberry plants, a dozen beetroot, sunflowers and globe artichoke. Wandered round for ages with a tarragon and a Rosemary, couldn't decide, so dunked them in pot of seaweed solution to keep them happy. Just getting into swing of a full day's gardening when Bloke turned up with man flu. So that was an hour wasted! Have magnificent sentinels of foxgloves in flower, the peony is just on the brink. First pinks are out as well, will go back out to clear up and cut them for that heavenly scent. Rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon and through the night, so will finish planting up my mate's grave in the morning.

Can anyone tell me what this is please?

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 17:21
Geoff I think the green thing might be another ladybird egg just about to hatch.

Can anyone tell me what this is please?

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 17:18
Well, mixed news. The little black bugs look like blackfly. The bigger critters are ladybird larvae which are eating them. The difficult bit is that the larvae are harlequin ladybird larvae, which seem to be threatening our native population. You can get rid of the blackfly with organic or chemical sprays, - google blackfly for remedies - or leave the larvae to carry on cleaning them up. In which case there will be more harlequin ladybirds. There will be other postings I'm sure.

Fork Handles

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 13:49
Toe ho!

Fork Handles

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 11:56
Pig= pork, cow= beef, deer = venison sheep = mutton comes from the language changes dating from the Norman invasion. Porque, boeuf mouton and venaison (last French for edible meat of deer.) Chicken wasn't considered to be meat. Girly swot signing off and going back to her garden.

Can unsterilized compost ever be used for tomatoes?

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 11:22
Apparently you can sterilise home made compost in the microwave. But I think it's a bit of a smelly process.

Maggots in veg patch

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 10:37
This sounds like it might be vine weevil grubs which are nasty little b******s. Are the maggots creamy White with dark heads and c- shaped? You haven't done anything wrong I'm sure, but dealing with this sort of infestation on a veg patch is tricky. There are things called nematodes which little critters that attack the grubs, you buy packets of them, pop them in a watering can and apply to the area. Soil has to be a certain temp. The chemical solution - Provado - is used in pots and isn't suitable for food crops. Suggest you google vine weevil for ID, then wait for more experienced posters to respond.

Can unsterilized compost ever be used for tomatoes?

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 10:05
Not much help now, but if the rest of the growth on the toms looked healthy I wouldn't have junked them. I do use bought compost for germination and potting on, but have successfully grown toms in containers with home made potting compost and leaf mould mixed into bought compost. And I always get zillions of tomato seedlings coming up in the garden when I've put my home made compost on the beds. They go back in the compost bin to return to the garden albeit in a different form....

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