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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 09:57

Beautiful at 7 this morning on my way back from work. Put on a load of washing, then down came the rain. Which has now stopped ...but I don't trust these blue skies. Looks like another day in the greenhouse...

who is talking to who?

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 09:10
Link works!


Posted: 20/04/2012 at 09:04
Well done! How many did you put in? And how big are the pots?

who is talking to who?

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 09:02
I am girly swot!

New site - bugs

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 09:00
A lot of functionality not available on iPad, notably editing menu for posts. Is there something adrift at my end? Everything works fine on PC. Great site BTW!

who is talking to who?

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 08:54
Instructions for inserting link to websites in posts is in the forum help bit. I can read it and understand it, but a lot of the functionality of this site isn't available on iPad, which I use most of the time. Wonder if it's the same for Mac users?


Posted: 20/04/2012 at 08:48
Oooh, I think I'll give this rooting in water lark a go. I have got Greek,Neapolitan and purple basil germinated in the gh, but they are growing excruciatingly slowly. I've also got a reasonably healthy clump of repotted supermarket stuff in there, so I'll snip a bit off that.

problem solving

Posted: 20/04/2012 at 08:04
I keep quite a few daffs in plastic pots, slot them into nicer containers during the flowering season ( or, as Holedigger says, into border gaps). When they've gone over, out come the plastic pots and the more decorative containers can be used for other stuff. Depends on the space available, I suppose.


Posted: 20/04/2012 at 07:44
Hmm, link not looking hopeful. Loads of stuff on the net though if you google 'drilling holes in glazed pots'. .


Posted: 20/04/2012 at 07:42
I think that your first priority is to get the plants out of their current sodden conditions - and I'm not sure that just tipping the pots on their sides wll be enough. (hope the link works!) is about drilling holes in glazed containers. Apparently you put duct tape over the area you want to drill into, then go slowly... I think I'd delegate it! Good luck.
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