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slabs havent stuck

Posted: Today at 16:46

The setting process of cement is irreversible up to a point and is dependent on weather conditions plus water content of the finished mix. In hot summer weather we would reconstitute (or knock-up as we called it) mortar when it was setting too quickly,but only up to a point because it interferes with that setting process.There's comes a time when you have to chuck it and mix a new batch.

Conversely,in winter the setting process is generally slower and quantity of water should be regulated accordingly. More specific to slab laying,generally speaking the larger the slab the drier (or stiffer) the mix can be,as too wet a mix can result in the weight of the slab simply displacing the mix. So generally - larger slab,drier mix - smaller slab,wetter mix 

Tomato truss broken

Posted: Today at 16:28

I'll try the pickle Philippa  If that's ok. SViolet said she was going to look for the chutney recipe but I don't want to 'favour' either of you. I suppose if I'm completely honest I'm hoping I won't need either,I've decided to put the toms in a paper bag with a banana. With luck they'll be the traditional red tomatoes?

Yes I've heard of sun-dried tomatoes Philippa,don't our Italian cousins use them for pizzas?

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: Today at 16:16

Welcome NornBlue 

OL - Lyn writes a lovely card doesn't she  Oh and 'bagsy' OL!! Takes me back to my childhood  

Perki - thank you so much for the seeds,arrived safely today. I owe you one 

It's my birthday

Posted: Yesterday at 23:16

Verdun - I think it needs to be said,you should be proud of yourself for looking after your Mum. We have a friend along the road whose Mum has dementia too and can see how hard it is for her.

Football season - 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 22:36

 OL - still very early days. There's a bloke around the corner supports Brentford,where's the shirt and everything.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:02

OK as we're all getting gloomy about autumn being on our doorstep,here's a short poem about spring to cheer us up.

The Seedling


Time to wake my little one,

from seed case split your miracle begun,


to stir the thaw in winter's chill,

verdant thrust on window sill.


to shame a diamond's lifeless stone,

this living jewel is all your own,


to hurry the morning into his sky,

and trap the sun in your dewdrop eye.



Posted: Yesterday at 21:37

Not one of the dark,satanic mills archie?


Posted: Yesterday at 21:08

Me too artjak,I have many that are still green

Tomato truss broken

Posted: Yesterday at 20:44

Green tomato recipe Philippa? 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:40

August is traditionally the warmest month along with July,at least in England. But we live in strange times and nothing is as it once was 

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