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Forum names

Posted: Today at 18:13

Hi Liri  trees really are beautiful in all their shapes and sizes.It is said that before humans intervened,a squirrel could travel from Land's End to John O'Groats without touching the ground. Not sure whether that's true or whether the squirrel stopped off at motorway service stations 

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 23:36

 OL - However,I must retire for the evening....and bed 

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 23:28

Shucks OL,that hug felt nice  xx

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 23:25

Well I did keep pond fish years ago including Koi until a heron cleaned it out 

I've got my tropicals now though. Natural Tiger Barbs,Golden Tiger Barbs,Pepper Catfish,3 Khuli Loach,a Zebra Loach and Brian the Bristle-nosed Pleco (who loves lettuce)

I'm not doing too badly OL,bearing up and thank you for asking 

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 23:14

My username is pretty bland in all honesty.I keep tropical fish and 65 was the year of my birth  That's 1965 not 1865 

Mystery Tomatoes

Posted: Yesterday at 21:40

Lyn - yes I've been giving them Tomorite at the recommended dose and frequency. I'll heed your advice thank you so much....PS the Borage seeds came today.Many many thanks for those 

Fairygirl - it sounds a Money maker trait then perhaps.Mine are in a grow bag outside.The position catches the sun for most of the day.

And I've got something to confess to you expert tomato growers. I've got all six plants in one grow bag.When I first planted the little plants I didn't realise its supposed to be three plants max to a bag. Though it looks like I'm getting away with it  I water them twice a day to prevent drying out of the compost.

A request or suggestion.

Posted: Yesterday at 15:32

Either that or click on the green 'reply' button in the top right hand of the thread 

Mystery Tomatoes

Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

Thanks Lyn for your input,it is very much appreciated. OK I have spoken to Mrs Fish and it turns out she's remembered that our friend DID tell her what sort they are. They're Money Maker tomatoes,medium sized apparently so I should think they've about reached their limit. I've got quite a few on each lowest truss,less as they go up which I'm assuming is normal?

Mystery Tomatoes

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 23:31

I'll take a pic when they're ripe Lyn.At the moment they're about the size of a standard tomato but showing no signs of turning orange/red  

Pernission to speak SIR!

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 21:23

It was a choccy bar Lily,around in the 70s when I was a nipper 

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