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Florrie Bunda

About me:Passionate propagator. Love the hours I spend in the greenhouse, especially in the cold and wet weather. This enables me to pass on plants to friends and family. We have just had our garden revamped to make life easier. (fewer beds but larger) and less edges to keep tidy. My divided perennials have wintered well and have been given a new lease of life.Today I have been pricking out my collected seed of my favourite annuals and tender perennials and also some new seeds I had sent off for. Some of my favourites are the salvias especially S. Involucrata Bethellii and S. Leucantha and S. Patens and S. Uliginosa, and various campanulas. Other specials are annual Margurites, begonia sutherlandii and cosmos. All of which I have been potting on or pricking out this afternoon. I don't mind if it is wet and cold at the moment as there is so much to do in the greenhouse, which is where I get "my daily fix"
more coming soon...