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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sea Shells' Cosmos

Posted: 07 March 2013
Overall: I love Cosmos, I think they are absolutely gorgeous, I grew some last year and wanting to grow a lot more this year.....they are stunning.

Phalaenopsis Moth orchid

Posted: 23 January 2013
Overall: I love orchids. Being relatively new to gardening and exotic plants it took me quite a while to summon up the courage to buy an orchid. I now have a lovely little collection,. There were a few casualties along the way but I read up on them and now I have several of them coming back into flower again, a really thrilling experience, I must be doing something right!
I have them in my living room and have the pleasure of being able to enjoy them all the time.

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sonata White' Cosmos

Posted: 23 January 2013
Overall: I love cosmos. I only starting growing them last year and found them very easy to grow from seed,
There is something beautiful and wildflowerish about them. I think they are a glorious flower.