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Posted: 17/07/2012 at 16:14

I have read on here about xmas potatoes being planted now, What is the best variety to plant.?

I keep looking at my potatoes and am finding it hard to resist getting them up....Ive been growing Charlottes in bags and emptied one of them (had3 tubas in) the other week but only got enough for tea but there were lots of marble sized ones so I'm trying to wait in the hope that I get more from the other.

I've planted Maris Piper in other bags and it said they were for sep/oct but they have already flowered and the foliage is starting to look a bit worse for wear...What do I do... I have got a Hessien sack ready for storage..but just not sure when to get the up....I have been lead to beleive that the more you water potatoes the bigger they get..any truth in this?

Thanks, sorry for all the quires but im new to this lark 


Posted: 14/07/2012 at 20:27

Can I take it that the haulms are the storks and leaves..

Thanks Netherfield


Posted: 14/07/2012 at 12:50

Thanks BobtheGardener...thats brill 


Posted: 14/07/2012 at 11:26

Netherfield....I didnt know you could just take out the ones that are a good size and leave the rest to grow some more..mine are in bags and they are charlottes but they really didnt flower much but dug up 2 and got enough potatoes for tea but there were loads of teeny weeny ones... they tasted beautiful..

I also have some maris piper for sept/oct can I pull them up before that and store them..if so what is the best way to store them ?


July in your garden...

Posted: 08/07/2012 at 20:31

July in my garden is very green and lush at the moment..It is my 1st year growing veg and so far iam very pleased.  My potatoes are doing well as is my courgette plant (had 1st one for dinner the other day) peas doing great too had some for dinner other day too, peppers are producing, cabbages growing well.. have tomatoes (green) on plants , the slugs have eaten alotof my runner bean leaves but they are still growing up the nets, beetroot great and carrot, leek and parsnip seedlings growing well. sprouting broc also growing well....

I live in North Wales

I enjoyed my dinner thanks!!!

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 20:41

Greedy little bugger

potatoes again

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 16:59

I've had a look at mine mark and they look lush and healthy so far....up here in North Wales we have had alot of rain but also so lovely sunny spells....I'm looking forward to trying the potatoes as this is my 1st year growing veg..i've already had a courgette and some peas..its sooooo rewarding ..love it.

Thanks sotongeoff and green Magpie for your help also.

potatoes again

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 10:35

Hi i have planted 2 variaties maris piper and charlotte in bags... They have grown really well and I keep them well watered and fed..The maris piper are in flower but the charlottes arent but I have had a look and there are potatoes in the charlotte bags,,,

Now i planted these 2 sorts 'cos it said charlotte for summer new potatoes and maris piper for september onwards...Is this right ?

When do i pick them.

thanksfor any advice

I have my first courgette!

Posted: 24/06/2012 at 20:58

YAY...Brilliant ! 

This is my first year of growing veg and so far I'm really enjoying it..My Courgette plant is doing really well and has about 4 flowers already so Im getting really excited that hopefully I'l get some courgetttes......

peas have yellow leaves.....help !

Posted: 23/06/2012 at 11:45

No I havent feed them for maybe the past couple of weeks..I'l try that.....Is it too late to start some more off.This is my first year growing veg so its all so new to me and am worried its because of something I have or havnet done...
They are planted in a large pot with a mixture of potting soil and good green well rotted compost.

Im very lucky that just dwon the road is where they recycle all the green waiste and rot it down and then sell large bags of it for just a couple of quid...even though it does half stink when the turn it and the winds blowing in my direction..lol

Thanks for your help

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