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flowering rose

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All I want for Christmas is...

Posted: 04/12/2012 at 13:17

I would like a bigger garden with paddock and romantic looking cottage wit h roses round the door.

Laburnum Tree

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 16:37

not really my friends children were poisoned  and taken to hospital in a bad way and they were lucky.I think its best to either educate people to know about toxic plants and how to avoid being poisoned as in old days parents taught their children how to recognise plants and berries they should avoid.Having worked 43 years in nursing believe me a lot of people and children eat the wrong things which could of been avoid.

Seed swap

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 16:27

Its a great idea but I think you'd be wiser to exchange with your local gardeners who  also will exchange with you and give advice on the best plants to grow in your area and of course a great way to make new friends.Its not a wise thing to give out your address ,most of us are genuine but there is always that one person.Have fun with your new adventure.

Jasmine Polyanthum

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 16:21

According to my book "the house plant expert" by Dr.D.g.Hessayon your Jasmin um likes cool or average warmth 45 f in winter.keep compost moist at all times.mist leaves frequently .and bright light with some direct sun.

I would not put it into  a too hot a central heated room or near a draught both these things usually kill the plants.


Posted: 03/12/2012 at 16:11

I would wait until spring,the frost and these very low temperatures will most likely kill them,I lost alot of cuttings last year by not protecting from the frost and severe cold.

christmas tree

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 16:07

10 years ago I bought a little christmas tree in a pot for £6 ,its the best christmas tree but I ever had.I feed it and water all through the year and have just transplanted it to another pot for this year.I also rescued another from outside house that had dumped the tree in hopes the ash bin  men would take it ,a great pity so many people do this to perfectly healthy tree.I took it home after my shift and nursed it back to being loved and also use that tree at Christmas too.Its a crime to chop down so many trees just for a few weeks or throw out rooted trees.I know some are recycled through for example the zoo for what ever,but I cant help thinking what a shame ,what  waste,and yet as well as re-using your saving a my two trees will be going on display soon......merry Christmas.

bay tree pruning

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 15:56

I think I would wait until spring now,I only say this as I think the hard frost might effect it but you could if you thought it sheltered enough.

Laburnum Tree

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 15:47

as I am sure you know laburnum seeds are very poisonous when eaten,small children are often tempted to eat them as they look like pea pods.they are very deadly.

My best buy of the year

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 15:44

My best buy was six cyclamen that were being sold off for a pound,they looked very poorly but once outside they recovered and now are still blooming.


Posted: 02/12/2012 at 12:36

reminds me of when my neighbour put her boots on to find a dead mouse curled up in the toe of the boot.ahhh!

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