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flowering rose

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when should I prune Buddleia ?

Posted: 18/10/2012 at 16:50

if you prune them now they will be fine,they will have bigger flowers in the summer,as some one said they are tough old things buddleias I have three different  colours,but you can kill them if you prune too much but having said that you'll find hundreds of seedlings everywhere,even on the roof tops!.They are better if they are pruned into a small bush not so "bomb site" looking as my husband would say.

Unknown plant

Posted: 17/10/2012 at 19:56

I am not sure but this might be purple vetch which is a native plant  that grows in the hedgerow.depending on how you feel about wild flowers they can look lovely in the right  environment or a menace if you have a garden that's shall we say organised.lovely thou.

wildlife in the city

Posted: 17/10/2012 at 19:45

Been to a reservoir near Bristol which has a huge flock of coots,so many on this man made lake.There were a few swans and I think  a ruddy duck.You do get wonderful view of the mendip hills and Brent knoll.Also spotted a flock of gold finches.

Talkback: 10 exotic house plants

Posted: 16/10/2012 at 16:10
well I am glad I read about two of these extoic plants as I have just bought 2.they look good how long they will last I am not sure.

Talkback: Slug-proof plants

Posted: 16/10/2012 at 16:05
I had the green variety for many years then it disappeared.At the time it was very good ,flowerd well and divided well.must get another,red this time.


Posted: 16/10/2012 at 16:00

please tell me you don't throw the fruit away,even if they are deformed you can still use them.I make quince jam from both types of quinces...japonica and tree variety the name escapes me.The scent and colour of the japonica is lovely and if you have only a few you can add them to other fruit.

My japonica bushes this year were very poor and one died,,maybe too wet or cold.The tree produced very little maybe its lack of bees or combination of it all.

Reusing clay soil to raise patio level?

Posted: 16/10/2012 at 15:51

I dont know about a patio but here where my garden is heavy clay ,houses have subsided when the clay dried out and I have a patio built by the last owner on clay and its not good.Admittedly I am on a hill but I think you might need a better shall we say base for the slabs to go on .


Posted: 16/10/2012 at 15:42

I saw this in a field and thought better not eat that,I don't know what type it is but there were lots scattered about

Talkback: Where have all the hedgehogs gone?

Posted: 16/10/2012 at 13:35

I have noticed a decline in my area mainly due to traffic and gardens being turned to grit or house extensions.When I here 34 years ago hedgehogs were common sight and all manner of wild life,but a lot were being killed on the road (it use to be a safe quite road alas no more)and their habitat taken over and of course the way people garden .Foxes also are declining due to the cubs being knocked down there was a high number killed by cars last year(I saw this as a nurse walking to work in the early hours of the morning)also on the common allot of the birds I use to see gather there in winter do not.We are blessed with a woods and wildlife but not quite as it use to be.I have seen the decline in hedgehogs and cant remember the last time I saw one.

Clematis Montana 'Pink Pefection@

Posted: 15/10/2012 at 15:20

I have had a very poor year with some of my clematis but others have done ok,like Elsa spath and Indian star but Nellie mos er was a pathetic and yellow leaved.They do suffer from  slugs etc and you must plant them deep and only feed when in flower.normally I have to water them daily in spring (not the early ones) but it was over board with the rain this year.Pruning you can do to soon and cut back to much so be careful.but montana's ( I have Elizabeth \and another that escapes me )do quite well in my clay soil.

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