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Talkback: Water butts and hoverflies

Posted: 26/07/2014 at 20:01

I've put an old pair of black tights over the top of my water but, its stopped all creatures and flies dropping in 


Posted: 26/07/2014 at 19:57

Hi Marion, sorry to see you've been in the wars, can any of your family give you a hand ?, I was ripping ivy off my tree today, they seem to off traveled from up our street, I hate ivy , just taken some photos as promised Marion.




The Aster are lovely pastel colours, they've not all opened yet  




Posted: 25/07/2014 at 21:26

Bizzie B your flowers are looking lovely, is the first one a Dahlia ?, I like the big white flower with the yellow centre too well done 


Posted: 24/07/2014 at 22:08

It's lovely, I like the shape of the flower, can't wait for weekend to come so I can get in the garden again, I notice my astar plants had started flowering all pastel colours, I will  wend you a photo at the weekend 

Poppy seeds

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 22:00

She didn't say but I know she has only just got the seeds off 

Poppy seeds

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 21:21

I've just been given poppy seeds, can you grow them at this time of year? 


Posted: 24/07/2014 at 21:13

Marion your flowers are looking gorgeous, what's the blue one called? Your Gazanias too are looking lovely and vibrant 


Posted: 24/07/2014 at 07:51

Well done Bizzie B, when are we coming round for tea ha (only joking) , I'm growing tomatoes but I'm a beginner, I've got five plants and one has just flowered this am , they drink a lot don't they , off to work now catch you all later, have a lovely day .

Love your garden

Posted: 22/07/2014 at 22:02

Yes it made me cry tonight, such a loving family, they did a really good job of the garden 


Posted: 22/07/2014 at 21:58

Marion I didn't know there where so many different Tomatoes, your look very healthy well done, it's been hot sun in the NW 25c


 Hot hot hot 

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