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Houses with lots of land

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 09:00

If I ever win the lottery, then I will have a house near the coast With plenty land all around it, but not to far from a village 

My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 08:37
Good morning!, cold here but brilliant sunshine, it's meant to get upto 8c, when can you buy Gazanias? Mine died off with the frost : (, hope everyone has a nice gardening day : )

My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 20:42
Yes I've got the heating on here bbbbrrrr : )

Thought for Lyn

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 18:39

 Thinking of you Lyn, I'm so sorry x

A new career.

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 18:10

I don't really enjoy my job, it just pays the bills , I enjoy my garden and do love taking photos of my plants 

My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 17:47

Hi Marion hope you are well , just been looking back on you and your friends photos they are lovely, I like your tree trunk planter.

ive been busy in the garden, my lawn as just had its first cut and then this happened............

 Yes it's started snowing!, has anyone else had snow?

Sweet Pea Know How

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 16:16
Don't worry wonky I have a plastic greenhouse too, I just leave it open in the day : )

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 11:10
No slippery leaflet here too : )

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 09:39

Well you only have to look at the state of your country and how over run with immigrants we are, that should give you the answer 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 09/04/2016 at 18:06
Hey yea, it will look good with my tea on it : )

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