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Solanum Crispum - potato vine

Posted: Today at 15:37

Great Runnybeak...-.... do find the picture, can you say how old the plant is.  Thanks.

Broad Beans

Posted: Today at 15:20

Mine were brown too and put in the allotment two days ago.


Posted: Today at 15:15

I only sowed my cosmos seeds yesterday.  Last year I had two rows of them in the allotment for cutting flowers.  Just wondering if that was a mistake as they seeded in the plot and they are beginning to germinate now - they  will be popping up amongst the veggies.  They grew like trees even though I pinched them out regularly.  Wouldn't be with out them as they are beautiful. 


Solanum Crispum - potato vine

Posted: Today at 14:34

That confirms it Lyn - my garden would not cope with that growth.  Shame really, as it  is such a pretty flower.  

Thank you for the photo as it demonstrates its growth.


Solanum Crispum - potato vine

Posted: Today at 11:07

Ha Ha Nut.  I have no choice it seems - either 'Bonsai' or death.  Some might say 'Bonsai' is torture though.  

Solanum Crispum - potato vine

Posted: Today at 09:45

Thanks Nut and Hosta - After its growth this year I may have to dump it then.  It does not have massive room to spread, although I have kept it in a very large flower pot.  Just had a thought - maybe I could 'Bonsai' it.

Solanum Crispum - potato vine

Posted: Today at 08:58

I bought this plant last year and it is flowering now.  My question is - has anyone grown this as a shrub rather than a climber?  I have been told that eventually it becomes a thug and will rip down fences in its vigour.  As the plant is relatively manageable at the moment  I would like advise before it does any damage.  


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 19:32

Chicky -  I wondered if it could be slugs, but it happens most years even when it is very very cold with snow and ice.  Those slugs sure are tough guys.



Posted: 13/02/2016 at 19:23

We have some lovely clumps of snowdrops but each year after about a week of enjoying the flowers they seem to be nibbled (the petals not the leaves).  Does this happen to anyone else?  It's a bit too cold for slugs - so could it be birds, but I have never seen them nibbling.

Planting a screen

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 14:16

We have pyracantha at the bottom of our garden which screens overlooking bedroom windows.  We also have it mixed with holly and yew.  The hedge is very busy with birds.  The pyracantha however is vicious to trim so I have a 'hedge man' come annually to slice the top off.   

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