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Give alliums a second chance?

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 21:49

i have the same problem. i pull up the ones with no buds, otherwise the leaves collapse on everything else.


Posted: 08/05/2014 at 21:06

I planted mine out, and some pesky pests just bit off the heads. the annoying bit is, the heads are just bitten off but not eaten. i have started a new set. i think i will wait for them to get a lot bigger before i plant them out.

what is this giant in my garden

Posted: 07/05/2014 at 17:12

@ nutcutlet, thanks for your response, but is it a friend or foe?


what is this giant in my garden

Posted: 07/05/2014 at 16:47

i planted some meadow seeds under my trampoline area last year, and this giant appeared too. anyone has an idea what it is called, please?


Astrantia major

Posted: 26/04/2014 at 09:44

@yarrow2, i dont know what your plant is, but they definitely dont like astrantia leaves to me.


What is eating my foxglove?

Posted: 26/04/2014 at 08:53

i think its caterpillar damage. they are green in colour and look the same colour as the leaves.  if u inspect the leaves closely u might find the culprits. try looking at the underside of the leaves.


Hang out the washing

Posted: 26/04/2014 at 08:48

I think the best option is a rotary dryer tucked away on the patio, as its over-sized anyway so wont do any damage to any treasured plants or flowers. we have a rotary dryer in our small london garden close to a clematis montana and a rose, and occasionally it gets tangled in the clematis or the rose loses a few flower buds especially if the wife is doing the drying, as she has no clue about gardening and plants. Saying that, what is the fun of gardening without casualties and own goals. it hurts a few minutes when it happens but hey life goes on, and sometimes for the good of the plant. wink

Fuchsias! to prune or not to prune?

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 22:18

I am conducting an experiment myself. half and half. the unpruned ones are already  putting up buds but the pruned ones have not started any top growth at all.


The glory of Daffodils

Posted: 08/04/2014 at 01:32


flower magic

Posted: 04/04/2014 at 19:40

at this time of year all the plants are so pumped with hormones anything u put in a bit of soil will grow.


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