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pet companions

Posted: 02/07/2016 at 07:38

Love this thread !

We have 3, very pampered pussy cats. And, two weeks ago, rescued/re-homed 2 male Degu's. These two little guys have completely stolen my heart,  they are just adorable creatures.  

I dote on all my pets. As far as I'm concerned,  I am here to tend to their every whim. Even if that means getting up to open the back door to let them out,  despite the fact they have a perfectly functional cat flap in that same back door,  LOL !

Just a Lily, woo hoo !

Posted: 02/07/2016 at 07:18

WOW Sophie17,  so awesome x  

Just a Lily, woo hoo !

Posted: 02/07/2016 at 07:16
wakeshine says:

What a gorgeous photo. Is this a tree lily? If so, how tall is it? Just wondered. 

See original post

 Hiya wakeshine.  We have roughly 10 tree lily in a corner raised bed. The one in the picture is approximately 18" tall and our tallest is about 3'. The much taller ones have flower heads double the size of this one in the picture.  

Just a Lily, woo hoo !

Posted: 01/07/2016 at 13:33

Here are my Lily trees so far.

I'd love to see everyone's.  I just love them x

What is this Beetle

Posted: 28/05/2016 at 18:51

What is this Beetle

Posted: 28/05/2016 at 18:46

Hee hee, that is a MAY BUG. They are no harm. I have several every May. 

I think they are so cute.  Although I'm terrified as soon as they take flight. 

Lily Beetle !

Posted: 28/05/2016 at 18:42

My poor lily trees are rapidly disappearing.

I have only found 3 of the darling,  devil red, demon beetles.  Also I'm regularly checking for the eggs and grubs on the underside of the leaves. But still each day more damage appears. 

From what I've read, the only way to get rid of them is to use pesticide ??? 

I hate to use it at home. At work is a different story,  needs must and all that. 

I'm only too aware of the negatives and the dangers of their useage.

is there no other way ?


Dhalia dilemma. Orange Nugget ??!!

Posted: 24/09/2015 at 03:02
Hey Hostafan1, that Dhalia I'm gonna send u is exactly like the one Lyn posted above. X

Dhalia dilemma. Orange Nugget ??!!

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 03:09
Split the postage 50/50 Hosta.

Don't forget, really, you are doing me a favour having it. I really really hate chucking out any viable plant, bulb or tuber. It makes me sad.

I'm already looking forward to you posting photos of it next summer ! LOL.

Dhalia dilemma. Orange Nugget ??!!

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 18:58
Hostafan1,l I am a driveable distance-ish. About 5 or 6 hours. Lol. I am in Battle near Hastings, East sussex. Lol.

Post was what I had in mind. Shouldn't cost too much if I smile sweetly. LoL.

I just been taking some more pics of it. I'll pop on to laptop
in a sec to upload.
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