London (change)


About me:When I retired I returned to my birthplace after a lifetime of moving around the country and abroad so have left many gardens behind me. I seem to have got myself my most challenging garden ever having moved into a semi-detached "field" under which I am reliable informed lies endless clay. The first years have been more pond than garden so I am gradually raising most of it up about 4" and creating a wildlife pond in the lowest part!!! It also acts a wind tunnel so many plant chalanges ahead of us.Well 4 years on and still a challenge. I have trees growing on the eastern and northern boundaries which will provide some wind shelter in time. The raised beds allow me to grow veg although the clay and wind still provide the greatest challenge. Unfortunately I am defeated by the neighbours cats who terrorise all the wildlife and constantly dig up my beds. Perhaps I am lucky that this is the first time in all my gardens that this has been a problem, an urban one perhaps? I am still working on this one!!!
more coming soon...