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Ailing Paul Scarlet

Posted: 26/09/2017 at 09:30

Many thanks for your advice, I will leave them till next year and keep a watching brief.

Ailing Paul Scarlet

Posted: 25/09/2017 at 21:53

thanks for your thoughts Borderline. Didn't notice any problem with the leaves earlier on in the year and the bark seems fine. I don't think it can be lack of water as we live in an area of high rainfall in north Cumberland. Now that you mention it I do not recall ever seeing flowers or haws on the tree since it has been planted which is strange as the normal hawthorn in the hedgerows was full of flower and fruit. I guess I will wait till next year and keep a close eye on them. I will make sure as you suggest that I clear up any leaves lying on the ground and am toying with cutting out the crown to see if that will encourage more healthy growth lower down,

Ailing Paul Scarlet

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 17:42

I planted 2 Paul Scarlet hawthorn trees at the bottom of my garden 5yrs ago. This year all the leaves except a few at the top have dropped really early; early August and it has been bare since. Can anyone advise what I should do with them. I am guessing that they have leaf blight or something similar but I can find no advice on treatment anywhere on the internet. Any help would be much appreciated as I would hate to have to get rid of them.

Rust and alliums

Posted: 11/06/2016 at 10:37

I have just returned from a couple of days away to find that my garlic autumn planted was totally covered in rust. By the time I had removed all the affected leaves ( as advised by previous old posts)  there were only the undeveloped bulbs left I have removed these from the ground and intend to use them as very flavoursome additions to stews etc so not a total loss.I do have a remaining small bed of garlic planted this spring in another part of the garden which I hope wil survive.

My problem is that they were in my allium bed so next to my onions shallots and leeks! . Is there anything I can do to prevent these also being infected with the fungus, the loss of my whole onion crop would indeed be a disaster.

also I read in earlier posts that I will not be able to grow garlic in this soil for 5yrs? Does this mean I will not be able to grow any of this family in this bed and if so what can I grow there. As I operate a 3 bed rotational system I would have great difficulty as it is the onion family that consists the bulk of my annual crop.

Apricot from seed

Posted: 11/11/2015 at 09:06

I wonder if anyone can advise me about what to do with some seedlings I have successfully germinated from shop bought apricots?

I have them in 3" pots on my windowsill and 4 have germinated and are growing away quite happily. The roots are now coming through the bottom of the pots but I am concerned that the growth is very leggy and starting to bend at the top. Is this normal or should I pinch out the tips? I have never attempted to grow a tree from seed so not sure what to do at this stage. I know that if my veg seeds get too leggy this is not a good thing but am a bit confused about trees re the trunks etc.


Posted: 04/11/2015 at 08:53

I have read this thread with interest as we bought a shredder a few years ago and quickly took it back as it continually jammed. The problem I have is that now I mainly want to shred green garden waste and leaves for the compost heap and only the odd tougher branches fro pruned shrubs . Using a lawn mower is not an option. Does anyone know of a shredder that would do this as well as the usual thicker branches?

tomato woes

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 02:25

I think I did use a different compost when I potted on the plants Bob. It was one that had something like Growmore added to the bags. Didn't think of this till you mentioned it. I am just hoping now that I will get enough green tomatoes to  make the chutney I make every year! Thank you for your reply.

tomato woes

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 19:31

As in previous years I grew my tomatoes from seed. I have used gardeners delight and country taste. For some reason all my plants put on about 4'-5' of growth before producing flowers. This has meant that they are only just at the flowering stage with a few small tomatoes  and I doubt that I will get any kind of crop this year. I have some in a porch, some in a shed, some in pots outside  and some in the ground. All have the same growth habit. What is so annoying is that a few left over plants I gave to my sister have grown in the usual way and she has a nice crop on each plant.

Can anyone throw any light on what has happened to my plants this year? It is the first time in over 40yrs I have had a problem.

Rhubarb (unknown type)

Posted: 04/05/2015 at 09:31

Happy growing Birdychurp. Whilst I have been gardening for over 50yrs I am still learning and still waiting to "get there" so you are not alone! . As I said my dad was a gardener and I learned a lot of the old ways from him. I am really a veggie gardener although I have expanded into fruit etc. Even after all these years there is so much to learn. I only know what I know if you see what I mean? Really admire the knowledgeable gardeners who know the names, growing conditions etc. for everything. Like you If it is something I am unsure of I ask here where you get lots of advice, sometimes  contradictory; and look it up on the internet. There are one or two really good books out there also depending on whether you are organic or not you can take your pick. Also if you do a search on this site you might find lots of other advice about rhubarb. Mine is only what works for me of course but you could check it out using the other sources if you want to be sure.

Rhubarb (unknown type)

Posted: 04/05/2015 at 08:35

HI Again Birdychurp  Just had a thought. I am assuming that it is the forcing that you are new to??? If the rhubarb is in its first full year IE you put it in sometime last year it is recommended that you do not pick from it in the first season. If this is the case once it gets going again perhaps it would be wise to let it alone this year.

Every few years I dig up my whole plant and split it up as over the years the centre seems to die away. My dad who was a gardener used to do this every 5 years. He dug the crown up in the late autumn and split away the best bits from the outside. He then left these on the surface to get frosted over winter and then replanted them in early spring. Obviously if you do this you have to leave these newly planted crowns for a year to get established. As I have several plants I only do one at a time so that I have plenty of stems each year.

If yours is an established plant I am sure it will be away again soon so happy picking.

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