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wisest use of space

Posted: 05/11/2012 at 16:12

I knew it had to be at least 2 foot either side of the Cordons,i have bulbs and herbs around the base of my trees/cordons which are 2 foot away from the base and have never had any problems with either,they are planted in a raised bed 18" off the ground by 30" width and 8 ft long,and have a plum and a duel Pear in that bordr along with the herbs and bulbs and all thrive greatly where as my Apples are in a seperate raised border,same dimensions but 6 ft long,split into 3,Apple on each end and bulbs in the middle,Another Apple tree in its own border with red cordylines either side and again inter planted with bulbs and ground covering sedums and all thrive happily together.


wisest use of space

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 20:37

Hi,against a south facing wall you could grow so much fruit cordons and soft fruits and train them along wires etc,the wall will hold the heat from the sun for long time after the sun has gone down,i would grow a mixture of cordon fruit trees like Apples,Pears,Apricots etc and may be even a grape vine or two,raspberries be good also with some good drainage at base of soil,just mix some grit to the soil upto a depth of around two foot with some john innes no.2 soil and some well rotted manure or compost,you can then also if wish inter plant with herbs which will atract pollen insects which inturn will pollinate your fruit trees,but dont plant to close to the trees,leave a space of around 2 foot from the trees with the herbs as they are heavy rooters,bulbs are ok to plant around them too..good luck

Talkback: Growing herbs

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 20:17

Is it too late to sow herb seeds in pots under cover now (november) so they set a nice root system for te spring to plant out ? I also have rosemary x 2 in one of my borders with some perennials,will they get thru a winter and do i need to cut it back to the ground or anything before winter sets in ? same with the chives,do i need to do anything with them..


winter veg

Posted: 04/11/2012 at 20:08

My garden centre is selling all sorts of overwintering veg as plug plants ready for planting out now (Nov),im not sure as to what until i go a see for myself tomo morning and will let you now.However i have son some hardy peas and broad beans in pots and trays under cover to germinate then plan to plant out december/january and have sown other other Peas and Beans,Cauliflower etc along with some Perennials and Annuals in pots under cover as a trial to see if they produce a good root stock ready for planting early Spring,as i say its a trial really and i had so much spare seed left over that needed using up or throwing away anyway i thought it be a good chance to try out my trial,ive nowt to lose but much to gain if it works out,will keep posted as to results,i also am new to gardening both veg and plants and have been into it in a bad way lol for around 18 months,its all trial and error with great enjoyment along the way,gardening has no set rules or tasks and the beauty of it is that you should garden,sow,plant etc when you want to and how you feel and how you benefit from it yourself,it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and hobby and enjoy accordingly,thats my way of gardening,hard work,trails and errors and hopefully reap the rewards at the end of the seasons...Happy gardening.

Talkback: Hail damage

Posted: 24/04/2012 at 19:55
Im just wondering if this is whats happened to my plants and veg foliage,even my onion foliage has all dot marks on them peas and cabbages etc all have the same marks on them,could this be the damage from the hail or even heavy rain...

pond lacking in oxygen

Posted: 24/04/2012 at 19:41    My advice is to join there forum wether you keep Koi,fish or not,You will learn more about water quality from these guys than anyone.

Trust me,I started off with a 1000 lt pond then jumped to a 10,000 lt Koi pond,had probs at first then learnt a lot from this magazine and forum,as a fish keeper especially Koi you learn its not fish keeping,its water keeping..i.e water quality,its the foremost important thing to learn before even considering keeping Koi.I know you dont have Koi or fish for that matter but DO join and explore there forum as you wont learn more about water quality,pumps waterfalls,pond plants etc etc any where else...

good luck

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