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Talkback: Plans for a garden

Posted: 21/01/2012 at 11:20
Hi all. I can hardly believe how similar our garden projects are! We have 3 thin beds in the back (about 3 feet in width and each being 4 metres in length). We have planted 4 tulips, 4 daffodils, 3 hyacinths, 3 rose bushes, 3 lupins, a skimmia, something white and something blue (can't remember what), oh, and 5 dianthus. A red azalea is going to go in too this weekend, and when we find a forsythia (golden bell) and some larkspur we'll hopefully have a nice little garden. I'm still cogitating how to attract and help the bees? I'm swaying towards building a hive... hmm. As for the birds, I have an established red berberis in the front garden which the chaffinches are visiting daily, and a solitary blackbird bobs around in the back garden completely ignoring the feeders which makes me giggle.
Thanks for reading. :)
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