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Knautia macedonica Knautia

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Would you please tell me if i need to cut down my Knautia Macedonica after flowering or do i just leave it to die down on it's own ?. Many thanks.

Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' Japanese maple

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: About a month or two ago my wife lost two of her acers, they just seemed to die within a few days and are now just brown stems, have you any idea what could have caused this?. Many thanks.

Nerium oleander 'Cassablanca' Rose bay

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Thanks for advice on overwintering. I purchased 3 from the tv & no mention was made as to hardiness of these plants except they would tolerate down to minus 6. Apparently this is wrong & they have to be in a heated situation. I hope they survive!