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Enough is enough.

Posted: Today at 18:00

That's my hope too KEF  


Posted: Today at 17:20
Edd wrote (see)

Yes i know what you mean 1Runnybeak1. It would be nice if you could get it all in one shop.......

Noooooooooooo Edd !!!     Support the small individual shops!!!

Christmas Door Garland/Wreath

Posted: Today at 16:45

You've probably seen these on the website, but I've posted the links in case you haven't.

I've not made one from scratch for ages, when the children used to help me and it was more about what they wanted than how it looked. 

What I do now is to buy a plain holly wreath from the market, and then add to it and alter it.  I don't have enough evergreens in the garden to make the base, but I have enough bits and bobs and things in the house to prettify a plain one.


Enough is enough.

Posted: Today at 15:31
Verdun wrote (see)

I guess its on iplayer.  

Don't think I am over reacting.  Be interesting to see what others think.  I found it offensive 

It may well have been so - a lot of my work was.  But that doesn't mean that we should turn our heads away.  I think it's really important that we should scrutinise the unpleasant parts of life.

Now you know why my blood pressure's gone down after retirement. 

"Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are  sure to be defeated in every battle."   General Sun Tzu


If I can find it on iPlayer I'll give it a look - but not today.  OH has just come home early


Posted: Today at 14:46

You've convinced me Pdoc

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 14:35

I'd rather pave over the concrete than provide a home for rats around my home

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: Today at 14:33

Yes Frank I've ridden a cow - Pa kept Red Polls and Dairy Shorthorns and when I was little I was sometimes put up for a ride as they came into the parlour.  When we moved to Suffolk we no longer had cattle (pigs, poultry and arable then)  but the farm next door was a dairy farm and I sometimes used to go and play there - I remember the shallow bowls of cream being put on the edge of the Aga to make clotted cream (not just in Devon and Cornwall in those days).  The thing is the farmer's wife loved longhaired cats so the cream she gave us often included a few moggie hairs.  They still had working horses next door too, so sometimes I was allowed to ride them as they hauled the tumble (Suffolk muck cart) .  It was a sad day when that farmer retired and the horses were no longer next door.

Enough is enough.

Posted: Today at 14:21

Re Verdun's second point.  Sadly evidence shows that the majority of paedophiles were abused themselves as children - they were victims too, hard as it is to acknowledge. 

Nowadays, if we are aware that a child has been abused, they are given intensive therapies to try to help them to deal with their trauma and hopefully to mend a little of the psychological damage that has been done. 

Unfortunately a lot of abuse goes undiscovered and the children are permanently psychologically damaged.  The same goes for the many children who were abused years ago, when if the abuse was discovered, they were just told to 'forget about it/don't talk about it' etc. 

If a child has been awakened sexually by abuse it is highly unlikely that they will be able to enjoy a normal sex life as an adult - part of the abuse they've undergone will have been to convince them that what is happening to them is normal - and the sexual drive is the most powerful drive there is - thus the cycle of abuse goes on repeating itself. 

The more that everyone understands about the causes of paedophilia the more chances we have of interrupting the cycle. 

I didn't see the programme (too much like work) but I'd be surprised if a doctor suggested sympathy, although I can see that pity (a different emotion) might be appropriate - along with loathing the deeds committed. 

Unless we all understand why it happens we will never be able to protect children effectively.

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: Today at 12:36

 This is a picture of the windmill after the sails had been lost.  By this time the sails were powering milling machinery housed in a nearby building.  You can just see the wheel and belt going from the mill towards a building out of picture on the right. Then the sails had been lost and the mill tower itself was been partially demolished and replaced with a substantial range of two story brick buildings housing quite a large electrically powered milling set up.  The little branch railway line had terminated in the mill yard - however when that was closed by Beeching the business became unviable - it limped on for years becoming more and more rundown - I think the business eventually became bankrupt. 

By the time we bought the property the old railway embankment had become totally overgrown with scrub and was the home of foxes, adders and so much other wildlife - absolute bliss.

Would you buy a smallholding?

Posted: Today at 12:21

It was wonderful Pdoc, I loved it, it was at the end of a little lane in the little village where we'd lived for years and the wildlife was wonderful too - I could tell so many stories  but it was totally knackering once husband got bored with it and discovered golf (and charity work abroad) and  then I had a health problem so it was time to stop - property prices had gone up and we'd improved the property, so that was ok too.

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