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Talkback: Collecting fallen leaves

Posted: 30/11/2011 at 09:10
I haven’t got enough room in my garden for a leaf heap so I put mine into plastic bin bags and it works very well. The results I get do wonders for my garden and it feels and smells just wonderful.

Talkback: Autumn gardening jobs

Posted: 29/11/2011 at 16:27
Funny old world we live on,The first week in December 2007 we had daffs in flower,2008 it was Christmas week,2009/2010 none until February because of the snow,I have been lifting the leave’s under the bushes only to find the daffs coming through 2″ tall snowdrop’s 1″ tall,Mother nature has got it all wrong again Or should that be Gardener nature, We must be P/C about this.

Talkback: Making leaf mould

Posted: 29/11/2011 at 10:44
Thanks for all your comments.

Mrs Panda – yes, eventually, but the leaves are quite waxy.

Moaning Millie – are you referring to water being wasted by the concreting of gardens? I have touched on the subject a couple of times: paving over front gardens, building a green roof, water gardens

Old Chippy – I’m sorry to hear your wife doesn’t value biodiversity. I bet she likes feeding the birds though. One of the reasons sparrows and song thrushes are declining is a loss of natural food for their young. Birds visit feeders themselves, but nearly always feed caterpillars and insects to their young. So the more caterpillars and insects sleeping under your leaves in winter, the more baby birds there will be in your garden in spring. Do you think she’ll go for that?

I’ve not seen any mushrooms this year! The small crop that emerged in my garden last year has not appeared this autumn.


Talkback: Autumn gardening jobs

Posted: 29/11/2011 at 09:51
Not only what seems to be going to be a record breaking November weather wise for me but a change in gardening philosophy too, Adam,as I am bowing to the confines of age and going over to the No-dig way of gardening. Different kind of lists for me now. I have to restrain myself from putting cardboard out for recycling as it will all be needed on my raised beds. I compost everything possible and only let the green wheelie bin have bramble roots and yucca which will not rot for me as I don’t want the expense or environmental guilt of having a shredder. But I do find it interesting at my time of life to try new things and such variable weather patterns will no doubt keep all of us gardeners on our toes.

Talkback: Making leaf mould

Posted: 29/11/2011 at 09:14
Midgelet, I am from England now living and gardening in Czech Republic, where a large variety of fungi grow wild in the pine woods.Every autumn you see the local people heading for the woods carring wicker baskets to collect the very delicious wild mushrooms. They all know what you can pick and what should be left alone a skill that is still handed down from one generation to another. Some of the fungi collected look like and are as big as footballs, these have a very delicate flovour and are eaten instead of meat and with a lot of people unemployed or on a very low wage this is a free meal. The smaller varieties are washed, sliced, egg and breadcrumbed then fried and eaten with tartar sauce and salad. Anything left over are dried and used during the winter months for soup or stew and served with dumplings, not at all like the english variety these are big made from bread of potato and are very filling. Although I would not trust my own judgement to pick the correct fungi on an early morning forage in the nearby woods, I am quite ahppy to accept the offer of a choice of multi coloured mushrooms from a wicker basket when there is a knock on the door during the autumn season.

Talkback: Growing Russian vine

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I had a Russian Vine and I grew it in a large pot. It did survive quite happily for several years and it still grew as quickly as if it was planted in the ground. After several years though it seemed to give up a bit and just didn't grow as well, but I was new to gardening then so I don't think I gave it the love and attention it deserved. After reading about yours James I'm tempted to grow it again and I know the bees would be pleased.

Talkback: Pressing apples

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
Can you tell me how to turn my apples into cider, in particular what equipment is needed? I have several apple trees - also a pear tree and from my memories of Normandy I recall pear cider is scrumptions (!!!)

Talkback: Building a green roof

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
It looks beautiful Kate, & very colourful. we're getting a new shed for our community garden, & we're putting a green roof on it.

Talkback: Growing onions: seeds versus sets

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
Might give that a try, though I won first in class at the village show with onions grown from sets planted last Autumn! I've planted my Autumn onion sets already and they are doing well but I may just give the seeds a go too. Thanks.

Talkback: Unseasonal weather

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I like the seasons too It brings more birds to the garden. Mine is waiting with expensive high energy food and the garden is empty of wildlife!

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