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Talkback: Worm composting all year round

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
My worms are in all three trays and the sump all of the time why dont they move up?

Talkback: Guerrilla gardening and planting tulips

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I couoldn't disagree more with the comments from HA / Cameragardening. This isnt a rant; you find me one ecologist who thinks guerilla gardening is a good idea!

Talkback: Hornets

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
bloody ridiculous - I am regularly in Dulwich park and it was a joy to see the hornets about - I was very angry when I heard of this moronic knee jerk slaughter.....

Talkback: The winged spindle

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I bought my Euonymus alatus and it is a glorious big shrub now but the birds brought me a Euonymus europaeus, now five feet tall and covered in its pink berries opening to reveal the bright orange berries. Even the four part shape of the berries make you go for a closer look and the colour scheme is definitely Fauvist. My second favourite seedheads are on certain peonies - bright red berries in pods with three or four divisions which turn a shiny black at different rates so you get a mixture of red and black berries nestling in the pods. Sherrie, have patience. Your tree is young yet. If it was seven or so I would be more worried. Is it small enough to move? It likes a south or west facing aspect with protection behind in my garden. Why not prune it by a third and move it when all the leaves have fallen?

Talkback: Cats in the garden

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
What a Sunday night treat. Thank you, Ginger.

Talkback: Autumn heatwave

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
even my apple tree has produced flowers ?? confused ?

Talkback: Choosing apple tree varieties

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I live in the southern U.S. and I have successfully grown apples here. I actually wrote a book on the subject! :)

Talkback: Leaf miners

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
Your picture looks just like he tracery I have found on a lot of conkers this year, Kate. They look more like Pony Piebalds than Horse Chestnuts, if that makes sense. It is the first year I have noticed this mottling of the normally rich brown colouring.

Talkback: Wasps and spiders

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
Oh yes! Thank you Richard. I have been calling them harvestmen for years. Kate

Talkback: Growing gunnera

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 18:44
I work in a nursery specialising in architectural plants and we sell Gunnera manicata - it is simply stunning when planted and happy and a miracle that from that bristly crown those huge leaves emerge forming a magnificent canopy. I say to anyone who is nervous about planting one - be bold, be brave and go for it and with James' sound advice, your plant should survive the cold and become more magnificent year on year....they are fabulous!

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