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Posted: Yesterday at 23:03

Chicky the greenhouse is for the allotment, this crow bar broke was basking a pallet when it happened, was a good one I still have the head bit but not easy to use like that other end still useable flat end

WonkyWomble only very small when wombles were on can't remember much they liked collecting stuff asked mum they make stuff out of what they collected sound about right - my pallet projects will be a fence for the allotment plot, a screen box for the station water butt maybe a bench for the allotment but think it will be a while by the time they get sorted

Station looking good went to sort out rubbish today lots of foxgloves

We had meat ball for tea yummy   

Night all


Posted: Yesterday at 21:38

WonkyWomble great you have been pallet bashing good OH let you use the tools I pinch my dads tools but did break the crow bar it snapped off - so need a new one, I do need to do some more soon

Got a half pallet today to sort out a fence for front of allotment plot but need to find a lot more  KEF that is right me and pallets

Think spotted dragon fly larvae in the pond  

sounds as though everyone busy


Posted: Yesterday at 21:22

Well today I managed to source a half pallet (the front bit only) to start of a pallet fence for the allotment just need to find more

Having a go at a cut flower patch...

Posted: Yesterday at 20:55

Just catching up not notified about the thread - still lots to go out into the flower bed just been so busy trying to get some clearing and digging done on the allotment plot, loads are in the plastic green house some have been hardened off on table out side and some in coldframe

seem to have teasel seeds germinating all over the flower bed that will have to be removed

the shoo fly plant I have are growing really well and look pretty dots on leaves, red stems


Posted: Yesterday at 20:07

Hello all - not caught up yet

I got 1 greenhouse dismantled it on Saturday now down the garden in bits, done quite a lot of digging at the allotment

Managed to get a free chair and some shelves and bits of wood today that someone was chucking out

need to sort out my raised veg beds in the garden and the flower bed, my plastic grow house zip broken so getting a new cover

Busy-Lizzie great sweet peas the train station has one out and the garden nearly got two out and I will cut them to bring in soon

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

Hi been to station so many foxgloves in the garden it looks great

Went on a skip trawl for pallet top bits for a fence found 1 that was it - but then as a large pile of bits was allowed to get anything I wanted,  got some large bits of wood varying in sizes, bits of plastic and got 2 shelves and a chair which will be great for the shed just needs repairing and a clean

Think about making my own shed still unsure  

Fruitcake how are you chickens?

How is all your plots going?

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 24/05/2015 at 17:57

Been to the allotment today went into the shop for plastic sheeting to cover the bits of bubble wrapped gh glass at home got that and got offered potatoes for the allotment plot for free so got some (a bag) as they had loads left and were only going to bin them if not   First early Winston

Finished off digging the first row of metre squares - that is now 12 metres across which is great,   then got the potatoes in two rows  

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 20:12

Today been dismantling the greenhouse, well all the glass came away in one piece there was one bit broken when they wanted to give it away  - will eventually go to the allotment plot

Took quite a few hours but lucky it was nice and sunny, measured it all first as council need measurements - took pics and done a plan drawing where/ what side labelled,  - bubbled wrapped glass with a few pieces in one bit, labelled as much as I could with masking tape and pen, dad and other man did most of the dismantling, I was doing labelling and bubble wrapping all got home safely now in bottom of garden in bits on the floor covered with tar palling     

Even got two free tree stumps which I will use for seats - from one of there friends as he tried to go to the tip but 6 feet trailer no go unless he pays so did not and I got some bits cleared a bit of his trailer

BizzieB you sound super busy great pics, your soil is looking pretty good

Ginagibbs I try food more if I grow it some times even if I don't like the stuff like lettuce prefer red but eat if home grown - normally find more ok that way

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 19:54

I check on the website calendar then mark with colour pen on my garden dates diary

maybe add some feed to your peas

work in progress

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 19:54

Hello Baza and Hels that is all looking great  - was a sunny day

I decided to go for the plot I looked at first, been busy doing lot of digging  

Today been dismantling a greenhouse 5.5 feet by 7.5 feet for free as was on Gumtree - do eventually it will go to the allotment

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