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New allotment OMG...

Posted: 11/01/2015 at 17:54

Not sure what sized plot I will get yet, so far I have the cheapest veg area in the back garden

Not sure about swinging an Azada around either - but good you like it Fruitcake

Weyplotter you were lucky to get a shed with tools in, I do have spare hand tools fork and spade that I will use there when I get it

think I will get a long handled cultivator seen one I like

Sounds good about some FYM - not sure the allotment has that., think they have bark chippings free   

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 16:47

Well got my plastic walk in green house down today and packed away in some cardboard boxes, was tough getting the poles apart but now away so the wind can't damage it any more

Thanks GWRS

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 12:38

Hello  Q is this about the time that everyone pays there allotment fees?

Q What is the first tool you got for your plot? 


Thanks Weyplotter,  I guess different locations have different rates for fees

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 20:53

GWRS that sounds as though you have been busy got a lot done


Posted: 08/01/2015 at 20:47

Hello all

Been and had a look up the station sorted the bins out and noticed some daffodils starting to poke though the soil

Growing Sweet Peas 2014/2015

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 19:49

Thanks David it does I was just not sure how tall or how many leaves, but the pic helps big time, so I will have to wait a bit for mine  

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 13:00

GWRS here you go

Nice sunny out now and the rain has stopped little windy but not too bad

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 07/01/2015 at 22:58

Ginagibbs that is good about your rent saves you a lot

Zoomer lucky for the freebies cause of the fees going up

GWRS enjoy a day up the allotment if the wind weather not to bad

I so got to get the plastic gh down and away, got my coldframe done and outside pics on the pallet thread - lots more catalogue came in the post to look at 

Cutting flower suggestions

Posted: 07/01/2015 at 22:21

Sunflowers - as year of the sunflower, Ammi majus or Ammi visnaga, cosmos, verbena bonariensis, zinnia    

Rachel de Thame cut flowers from GW

Cutting flower suggestions

Posted: 07/01/2015 at 22:02

Hello I am trying to grow flowers for cutting this year, here is a thread with some ideas on that got started a while ago hope this will help

lilies (do day lilies work as cut flowers?)  -  don't think they do as the flowers go over too quick

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