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Gardeners World 2014 BBC2

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 10:52

Really liked yesterday programme was recording it as well but recorder messed up no signal, so thanks for letting all know about the repeat Sunday morning will try to re tune dvd player then record again

Love the sweet peas and will start my seeds of this week and the garden in Cornwall so beautiful


Posted: 15/03/2014 at 10:21

Hello all, sun starting to show here may do something in the garden, feel knackered think it was all the bashing of the pallet yesterday, just watching QVC gardening on TV

good luck Tracey

New allotment OMG...

Posted: 15/03/2014 at 09:56

Hello Zoomer44

Are you going to the allotment, have you managed to do any more?

Interesting to know how your allotment is going so far

any photos


Posted: 14/03/2014 at 23:19

Thanks for the picture now I understand what you mean.  How did you put the back on the bench?  Super long screws?  

Thanks Zoomer44

Pallet no.2 now done.  Actually this one was much tougher to do and the wood split in a few places, hard to get the nails out as they were rusted in.  Needed a lot more effort.

Busy Bee 2 - welcome to the forum. Lots of ideas here.


Posted: 14/03/2014 at 23:10

Hello all, been doing a couple of hours at the station today clearing historic litter from under shrubs and cutting them back a bit.   Had look at garden, loads of things in flower now. 

After lunch bit of pallet bashing.  Day started grey and foggy but sun came out around lunch time.  Once sun went down it got chilly very quickly.


Posted: 14/03/2014 at 00:13

Evening all.  Sorry KEF couldn't remember who is was with the headaches, seems its Clarington.

Today I have made a small leaf compost area, washed up some pots, tidied up a bit and found lots more treasure.  Small glass bottle, some more ceramics, and piece of metal with a flower on.  Will post pics later.

Allium2 - yes, In Excess is reasonably priced, some things are bigger and therefore more pricey but you can find good things there.  They also do fence posts and gates occasionally, paving stones too, and lots of compost.  They also have a café which is a big plus.

Missing Woody too.

Night all. 


Posted: 12/03/2014 at 23:45

Evening all

I have had a trip out to In-Excess Ringwood garden store   got a few plants some compost and lots of bits and pieces, so many nice plants and a large plastic cow (pic below)

Name is Natalie

Here is some of the plants I saw today

These tulips are flowering amazing and very pretty

Was a nice warm day here today

Later on in the garden I was a forker aerating the grass and having help with a fence.Got my other bird box up and squirrel feeder yesterday with help

My throat still bit sore trying to keep protected away from lobbers,  

MrsGarden wrote (see)
Why am I always behind you lot? Not got round to seeds yet! Kinda plan was to get overwintered plants out of the GH first then start seeds but it seems like im gonna be late!

MrsGarden me not done any seed sowing yet so much other stuff to do still, may try seeds at weekend or next week.

Also MrsGarden I had a thought about your plastic frame how about using PVA glue and putting garden flower pictures on from garden catalogues then coat in PVA glue to seal to keep pics water proof - have a bird feeder on top and bug home/s underneath making a wildlife zone 

KEF - on Mr A Titchmarsh show one person had acupuncture to help with migraines

Night all think I am off soon


Posted: 11/03/2014 at 13:59

Hello all,

Been so busy over the last few days so I will catch up with posts later on

Here is the tree bumble loving my violas  

I have managed to finish planting all the daffs in the pic below big bag all for fiver instead of twenty quid - around back of pond area that took quite a bit of time to do

 Got my variegated holly trees in and the pulmonaria opal in on Sunday

On Monday I planted more plants around the back of the pond on top of daffs, some crocus tommasinianus, Doves little cyclamen hederifolium alba.(thanks Dove)

Just the other side of the logs planted - scilla ,ipheion and snowflakes and a lamium beacon silver right near tree far end

This is how it looks now with the frog house ready for frogs, I did find a newt from under a bag of leaf mulch and put it in there yesterday

Also spotted a peacock butterfly, could not get a picture -  flew off too fast, and the blackbirds starting to make a nest at the bottom of the garden just the other side of the train wire fence.

Planted around pond right side - primrose Emily, fern- polystichum setiferum , stachy byzantine silver carpet, diorama dracomontanum, a reed moved from other area of garden and a anemone hybrid honorine jobert - white

Thinking of putting loads of logs around pond edge, cut up. tried to cut one branch too hard - lobbers got stuck, I got them out but the handle hit me in the throat really hard - hurts and bruised sore today so taking it easy


Posted: 08/03/2014 at 23:20

Well, I cleaned the squirrel feeder and some bird feeders.

Then after a bit started digging behind the pond so many tree roots and found 1 vine weevil put it in the bird food for them, even though I spent 1.5 doing digging did not look like I had done much

Planted out a few of the daff got bit late had to give up needed to do my bed as washed sheets and put on the line outside in the sun - was a little windy today so not as warm as yesterday


Posted: 08/03/2014 at 11:12

computer playing about while trying to read and posted so I edited it with words

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