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Autumn sown sweet peas

Posted: 04/06/2012 at 09:25

Koalagirl, your photos are amazing, and I am now thoroughly convinced.  Two sowings are going to be the way for me in future.   Thanks everybody!

tomato plant spacing

Posted: 04/06/2012 at 09:14

Thanks, Italophile.   Yes, I know that the last of the toms will ripen even in a drawer, but it is useful to remove some of the leaves, so that you can actually see when they are ready for picking.     Most grow bags are barely three foot long, but are marked out for three tomato plants.   As long as they are kept well watered and fed, they grow successfully.   

top 5

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 21:22

So many favourites!   But how about dierama, which I fell in love with at The Garden House, in Devon.     It doesn't like being moved and sulks, though.    I am hoping the one I planted after moving it two years ago might favour me with one stem of flowers at least this year.    Fingers crossed.

tomato plant spacing

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 21:18

We put our gro-bags next to each other in our greenhouse, too.    The grow fine, though we do remove leaves to let the sun reach the tomatos for ripening.

Iris bulbs

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 21:15

Often wise to let Mother Nature take her course.

weed or plant ID help needed

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 21:13

Leafy one - probably aster, or michaelmas daisy.

Autumn sown sweet peas

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 18:04



That's great - and such a speedy reply!     I look forward to a better show next year, then.


Posted: 03/06/2012 at 17:44

Silver birch is such a lovely tree, but there are many different varieties.    How about trying the weeping one, which can be pruned back to a sort of umbrella shape?    Be sure and research, as some varieties grow very tall indeed.

I didn't mind keep picking up my loquat tree each time it went over, but in the end it broke the very expensive big pot it was planted in.    Enough was enough, but I do miss it!


Autumn sown sweet peas

Posted: 03/06/2012 at 17:39

Might I ask, when you sow the seed in the autumn, do you keep them indoors through the winter?    And to have them flowering so profusely now, when did you plant them out in the garden?    Would they survive a late frost?    I live in the West Midlands.


Posted: 03/06/2012 at 11:32

Is this a garden variety or the houseplant variety?

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