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How tidy is your garden?

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 07:34

The kind of people who oppen their gardens to the public seem, intimidatingly, to have cracked this balance - beautifully neat gardens and fabulous planting. I suppose they just garden allday. I wish I were neat, It looks so lovely and sense of control very peacweful, but I'm just not. My garden is like my house - OK but never gleamingly under control. I suspect I'm just too lazy - I'd rather spend time on activities like this forum!

MOB rants

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 07:28

Being a tallish, largeish person I like long t-shirts!I l like things that cover the bum! I'm in full sympathy with people who never throw anything away, though.

Highland Jeannie, I so agree with you about the cursor on this site. Sometimes it disappears, sometimes it leaps unaccountably to another place so that you suddenly find you are typing in the middle of the previous sentence. Can be maddening!

With regard to plant catalogues, I've seen lots of complaints in recent posts, especially about T and M. Perhaps we should all write to them and tell them what we think. It is in their interests to respond to suggestions and complaints, after all. Incindentally, I've just heard from T and M that the ffree climbing rose offered in January is not available and will be sent later. I wonder if this means next year, since it is bare root.


MOB rants

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 18:55

 Here's my rant for the day. Why, oh why, do those gardening caltalogues that come with magazines - T and M, Parkers, etc - contain so little information? The very minimum information for plants should be height, flowering period, type of soil and hardiness. You have to use a gardening book with them before being able to order safely. I'll bet a lot of inexperienced gardeners order on the basis of the photograph and get disasters.

I don't really understand the attraction of some of the plants either. They are not cheap for their size, often have to be grown on before they can be planted out and quite often fail. Again, I'll bet new gardeners get their confidence undermined when they lose these plants.

Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 23:36

For what it is worth, I disagree with those who say that there is nothing you can do.
It seems to me that his concentration on that area had to do with the greenhouse;  may have thought he was doing his friends a favour. Even if it is only a bluff, I think you should stick to your guns and get him to put up some fencing, if possible at his own expense. It isn't so much about the the money as about establishing that you will not accept being treated in that way. If he won't do it, you haven't lost anything. You don't have to be nasty - just firm.

I wonder if you already have a gut feeling about what to do and just need to follow it.

Anyway, as Bunny says, life is too short to let yourself be too upset. I really hope you get a satisfactory outcome and lots of enjoyment from your garden for a long time to come.



Posted: 04/03/2013 at 23:03

My  older relatives used to put the ashes from the coal fire on the garden, as did many miners. Their soil was black and friable but I don't know what it did to the fertility. Using ash as a slug barrier is a good idea.

March in your Garden

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 22:49

How fabulous! How much space do they need? I had to remove a larger tree and would love to replace it with something smaller.

out of season plants

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 22:43

Glad someone feels the same as me about Chelsea, Verdun - marvellous artistry and gardening skill but somehow artificial and only affordable by the wealthy. Beautiful to look at, of course, and that is worthwhile in itself - as long as one realises that it can't be copied. Fantasy land. I suppose it gives us something to aim for, and a glimpse of really good garden design.

Purple crocomia in May! Sounds rather lovely.


A beautiful rose that will not flower

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 10:29

Back to roses. Are indoor roses worth it, I wonder? Perhaps I'm jaundiced by the difficulty of growing roses here, but I bought an outdoor ground-cover rose which is struggling and indoor roses which, after being initially lovely, have proven to be very immature and have needed a lot of patience.

MOB rants

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 10:25

Wales has lost its coal mines and its steelworks. No country can prosper witout an industrial and manufacturing base, and short-term money-saving by governments who wanted to be re-elected has led to a disastrous situation, I think. You have to create wealth in goods, not by printing money and borrowing.

I've spent a lot of time with eastern students, They are the cream of their country's youngsters, I suppose, but their discipline and work ethic are immensely impressive. It makes me wonder how we can compete. I know what schools are like in this country. In placces like Japan, children go to state school followed by private cramming schools and have to work really hard. I'm not saying it is altogether good, but it is a different work ethic from us.

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