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Trachelospermum jasminoides Star jasmine

Posted: 06 March 2013
Overall: This is a beautiful, fragrant plant that needs the right position to flourish. It needs sun and a sheltered, well-drained spot. It takes time to settle in and make root and is not easy to grow successfully,but if it succeeds, it is glorious.

Leycesteria formosa Pheasant berry

Posted: 06 March 2013
Overall: This is a beautiful and easy-to-grow shrub. Cuttings are very easy to take and the berries often spring up as new plants, too. I can't imagine why this website suggests that it is for experienced gardeners, since I have found it very easy. It responds well to hard pruning and is very tough.

Viburnum tinus Laurustinus

Posted: 06 March 2013
Overall: Lovely winter/early spring colour and recovers well if cut back hard. Rather drab in summer but a good structural plant. Gives good cover for birds, too.