London (change)


About me:Hello, I live in the South and my garden is East facing at the front and West at the back, it is on top of a cliff and gets very strong salty winds all day everyday. it is also very sandy and free draining.. which is perfect for my favourite plants.. spring is my all time favourite time of the gardening calendar.. the first signs of life in the gardens.. new buds and the birds singing on a sunny day. Life couldnt get better. I love growing from seed and watching them grow in to mature plants.. I am developing my garden all the time.I have had this one for 9 years now and started transforming it about 4 years ago and is still a project in progress, and it certainly keeps me busy.. i couldnt imagine living without my garden, it is a de-stresser for me, as it takes my mind of troubles and onto thinking where is that one going and where shall I have this and that.
more coming soon...