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Sparrowhawk dilemma

Posted: 20/06/2012 at 15:21

i have a pair that visit my garden all the time.. the one in my avatar it is.. and i dont is nature and they often take sparrows..but so do cats.. and to be honest they do prefer blackbirds..

had one yesterday nearly hit my kitchen window while chasing a sparrow..he had hid in the tree and awaited their feeding time.. thye getting clever.. but i ahve to let nature do its thing.. i cant feed some birds and not others.. they are all nature.. i have raverns come in to my garden and pick up the scraps let over.. they are big and brutish but they are nature...

i have seagulls nesting on my flat roof.. blooming noisy at 3am in the morning.. but they are nature and they keep the cats and rooks away... so good. and he comes and taps on my french doors when he hungry.. thou trying to se him perch on my window sill is funny and he is far to big..

if you are going to help nature along then you have to help all of it...


slug pellets

Posted: 20/06/2012 at 10:07

i was told about a lard and salt rub for your pots.. not tried it yet and a salt water spray.. mix up with warm water and spray them.. not trie dit yet.. but will be this week.. wil let you know.

Is everyone else's plants very late this year?

Posted: 20/06/2012 at 10:04

My garden is well behind.. my day lilly has been in bud for a week now...jsut waiting.. and al my sumer bedding are not as big as normal.. i to have had to put some in compost bin and they just did nothing..

@wintersong.. glad it not only our french beans then..i was getting worried they were put out and have not done anything.. a few new leaves and that is it.. where as the peas have done vey well due to all the rain.. and the swede also doing well.. as is the carrots.. it has been good for them.. but everything else has struggled... kept out lettuce in the greenhouse this year..

also for slugs etc i was told by pold man down road..about making a lard and salt rb for the pots etc.. i hae yet to try that one.. when i do i will let you know.

Where have all the birds gone?

Posted: 20/06/2012 at 09:57

I have still had loads of birds in my garden.. i have to fil my 6 feeders up every other day.. and the 2 bird baths every 3 days..  thou the starlings have slowed down a little.. i still get sparrows, chaffinchs, robins (who are always fighting) blakbirds.. (they ahve lot of young this year and are very bossy) thrush, dunnocks, blue tits, coal tits, doves, sparrow hawk (nearly hit kitchen window during his chase yesterday) gold and green finches and wrens..

all feeding well and happliy..

June in Your Garden!

Posted: 20/06/2012 at 09:51

@wintersong.. very envious of your Eremurus.. it is gorgeous.. the sunshine does make everything look bright and cheery..

i managed to fiish off most of the most yesterday here is some of them..

 Some have been done for a while and some yesterday.. everything just starting to get going this year..this is all i am allowed round back garden as that is hubby's veg garden.. only have these and few shrubs for the birds to hide in..  and it is such a large size.. 70ft x 85ft and has 2 green houses in it now.. one for me and one for him..he he.. so he thinks.. i have my eye on the new one. I know i can fill it easily.

I have only the front garden on the Cliff edge which is about 70 ft x 66ft and not so sheltered from the winds. I have planted some hedges ready to grow up fior some protection from it. bu they will take some time to grow..

June in Your Garden!

Posted: 19/06/2012 at 07:35

lovely fox gloves there curlyone.. i had to cut mine down yesterday they wre all but seed stems.. where the wind had blown all the flowers off.. such a shame they were looking so good this year too.

have kept some seeds form my fav coloured ones for planting next year..

can i ask anyone if they know the best time to sow Maltese cross seeds as i got some but have no info on them.

Candelabra Primulas.

Posted: 18/06/2012 at 18:02

i grew some from seed easily enough Autumn 2010..thou this is the first year they have flowered found them easy to grow myself.. just in tray with compost and covered keep moist and warm until showing.. about 15 days.. i think it was.. they grew very fast once going and root system soons get big and fat..




Posted: 18/06/2012 at 17:57

i haev had many peacock butterfles in my garden this year.. also a couplde of red admiral at weekend.. also for the first time the small blue.. thou struggled in the wind.. think that is why they not about much..

and i have also been working hard to get butterfly friendly plants in the garden.


June in Your Garden!

Posted: 18/06/2012 at 17:48

HI EVERYONE.. a lovely day to be out in the garden.. i have managed to uplaod couple of the pictrues i ahve taken.. so here goes..


 it is all looking very lush and at times i feel a little bit messy.. but colourful!

Hope you all had good day digging and wandering.

Is it wild phlox?

Posted: 17/06/2012 at 19:29

it is sweet rocket have grown it from seed myself  this year especially to attract butterlifes.. it is not bowles mauve..the leavesand structure of the plant are not the same.

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