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May In Your Garden

Posted: 21/05/2012 at 10:24

Hello everyone. gorgeous pics David.

I got out in garden yesterday for a while.. was a chilly eind but fine for gardening and titivating I h ave seeds to plant today and off to do neighbours garden tomorrow.. it is a total overgrown mess.. but once i get through all the overgrown plants and shrubs i think there is some nice plants in there...just got to find them.

can't get a photo on

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 19:03

i also had problems with getting pictures up.. but now i make them a BITMAP and resize and they are fine... never thought about using photobucket to do it..

Chelsea Chop

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 19:01

i normally do it..but this year my plants have not grown as much as normal.. might do my sedums.. as they are growing pretty much as normal.. but my echinaceas are not that big at the moment..

may well miss it this year.

Talkback: Final preparations for Chelsea

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 18:59
good luck.. it will be gorgeous.

May In Your Garden

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 18:54

@wintersong.. i am off to watch it in a recorded it earlier.. cant wait..

ID of plant growing EVERYWHERE!

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 18:53

i would love some of this plant.. i like anything that encourages wildlife in.. and my boys loves butterflies and moths.. so be great.. if it can control as stated and not let it seed then i be happy with it.


Posted: 20/05/2012 at 18:48

i have to say all my ones are very tall today.. i have a gorg lemon sherbert one out and is very tall.. and they all have very large flower heads this year to.. i am loving that blue one salino.. i must say.

i have depe purple, ruby and yellow ones.. pink, lemon, white and green and a claret one.. i love them..

well i am off to watch chelsea that i recorded earlier.. so good luck in gardens everyone.

May In Your Garden

Posted: 20/05/2012 at 18:45

@dean.. that is looking great.. very envious of that tunnel.

@debbie.. welcome to the forum..cant wait to see your garden in pictures as it transforms.

@everyone.. hope you are all well and gardens doing great.. i am going to be putting summer bedding plants out and in pots.. as greenhosue is heaving under the amount in there now.. and have to get ready for sowing of seeds at this time of year.

our tomatos are not growing to well this year and our spring onions have not transpired at all.. so fed up with it..

@figrat.. i have heard about growing shallow rooted veg in guttering.. was going to do my spinach and lettuce in some.. it really works then.

i have been watching baby starlings in the garden today.very noisy but adorable with their big eyes.


Posted: 16/05/2012 at 08:38

i throw everything into my compost except for the bineweed and ivy.. we empty ours every year and add to garden.. and we got 8 x80 litre bags full t his time round.. so have saved some for spring mulching..  i find anything that has not rooted down fully just goes back in and goes around again.. i stick toilet roll centres etc in there and my old paper pots i make also..

thou we do have 2 large ones and turn it form one to the other every couple months..

i never new you shouldnt put bay leafs in.. most of our tree pruning is burnt or given to neighbour for their log burner..they take anything htey can if it is free

May In Your Garden

Posted: 16/05/2012 at 08:33

@Dean... oh.. right i see. good idea.. i am very impressed with the smaller finished article.. showed it to hubby ya know.. to give him a picture of what it is i am looking for but he just looked and muttered yeah in ya dreams and wandered off.

put i am fully aware of how pester power works for the going to keep at it

the weather today is suny but bit chilly here..going out to finish weeding beds.. managed some yesterday thought rather blowing a hooley and on and off rain.. but didnt get wet under the trees in the woodland garden..

heres to you all getting out and enjoying your gardens today.

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