gardeninggenes has reviewed 3 plants

Hemerocallis 'Chicago Apache' Daylily

Posted: 11 July 2013
Overall: When does Stafford flower?

Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' Japanese maple

Posted: 11 November 2012
Overall: gardener44 I am wondering if you have checked for vine weevil? If these were my plants I would treat the others now with Wine Weevil killer (systemic) as it's probably too late in the year to use organic (nematodes). Also, if you treat now uit will not be around to poison bees in the spring.

Narcissus 'Pipit' Daffodil

Posted: 02 December 2011
Overall: Does Geranium Rozanne have any pollen of nectar for bumble bees as it is a sterile hybrid? It has been worrying me how they rush to it with a great deal of enthusiastic buzzing - but are they getting anything, or are they just hopeful?