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Transport needed for flooded gardens

Posted: 23/05/2014 at 00:36

Hi, All.

I am so sorry not to have been on lately.Have been computerless for a few wks, and it is still misbehaving, although OH figured a way to get it back online at least. Also, I am having busiest time of yr at mo, as I assume most of you are, but I have moulting dogs to groom and horses to prepare for shows (work) as well as garden to sort. Just realised I have not sat down in my living room for 3 wks!

Can anyone give me a quick update, without me having to read through?

I have been potting up divisions forever, it seems, many for sale for 2 charities close to my heart, but more available if we can sort my link. Place looks like a garden centre! Mostly perennials, hostas, hemerocallis, Iris, astilbes achillea, verbascum, yellow primrose, cowslips. Also a few shrubs. Some whose names I forget but will look up. Strwaberries, chives, Yucca. Celery, Celeriac, Tomatoes, Peppers (chili).

Don't have much time for forum at mo, but will try to check in weekly if computer behaves! Work, garden, kids, bed is my routine! Hopefully June will be easier! Will be sowing more perennials then, so more plants to go!

Still collecting seeds if anyone has any.

Catch you all soon.

Ruth. x

Transport needed for flooded gardens

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 21:37

Art and Nut, crossed wires? He He, made me giggle

silly quotes

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 08:09

Keyser, my boys have a Tooth fairy purse each, that i Cross stichted, so I could find the tooth, and they could find the coin. It's murder trying to retrieve a tiny tooth from under the pillow of a rough or light sleeper without disturbing them. the purse helps.  But in this world of inflation, etc, I just hope the tooth fairy is getting value for money, now. WhenI was a kid, it was 20 p or so, 50 for a good tooth. Now £1.00 or more. But then, the castles must be better insulated, as with better dental health, they should not be having to make quite so many windows? Although they'll be getting less silver now. Or, do the tooth fairies not really exist anymore, due to the high levels of Mercury they had to handle in the older fillings? Or are there just a few left, and they they franchise out the job to any old fairy now, and just sit there getting fat on the profits? what jobs will always be there? Tooth Fairy, baby teeth will always be lost. Santa, as long as not all kids discover Amazon. Santa's days could be numbered. But I bet all kids would back a campaign to save Rudolph!

Let's face it, with Multi-denominational religious education in schools, God and Jesus have lost top spot with kids. And when did they leave money under the pillow in a quest to reap further teeth?

Santa, well, lots of kids now know that the list is sent via internet, as there are few viable chimneys left for the sending of the list or the receiving of the presents. Kids are not thick. They know we get thier presents ordered early and that Postman Pat can't get them all to Santa on time, and that in this age of banking and sexuality probs, Santa has had to lay off many of his elves.

So, us parents have to lie from time to time.' wait till your Father gets home' just won't cut the mustard in my family, as a wait of 20 yrs to never is no real kind of a threat, is it? But,' Just wait 'till the xbox live subscription is due' is a killer every time. Tidy your bedroom?  Done.Mum,can we use our pocket money to buy x for the xbox? It's 69p'  Is your rooom clean, have you turned on the washer, did you take the dog out and feed him? Hve you done your homework? Where is your wallet, have you hung up your coat and put your school shoes away? Did you empty your swimming bag, bring down the cups from your bedroom, put dirty socks n undies in wash basket, turn of computer and your stereo. Have you washed up,cooked te dinner and washed my backside?

All that for 69p for an upgrade on an educational game! Child labour?, Grooming, coercion. Bring it on! We moved to a rural area to avoid all this, it has back-fired, badly, in some ways, but in others has worked great for the boys. Thier friends now want to visit, to go in the woods and do 'boy' things. away from computers for hrs at a time. Is there a broadband or internet fairy or Gremlin, that any parent knows of? With a little hhistory and a believable story, other than that 'we're offline 'cos I've had new bank cards, and haven't had time to update them with Paypal, yet'. Truth obviously doesn't work, so what are the 'modern' lies for 6-12 yr olds?

Transport needed for flooded gardens

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 05:49

Lizzie, it isn't the moving of plants just a little further down south that we need. So far there are just mine and Fairy's to move, but if FG is willing to shift them to Kendal, moving to me for OH to take further is much better for her. My Man is going anyway. But we have no means of moving from Haydock (NW England) to Somerset levels or any other needy area. For me or Fairy, that could be an 800 or more round trip. Whilst I would love to do that, and take in some gardens on the way, I'm looking at a minimum of a day (24 hrs) with no nice stops, just one way with legal breaks (Ha). I would love to do it and have a break like that, it would be a hol for me, but I have my 2 small boys and no-one nr I could comfortably ask to have them. Dad got himself put on community service and a 2 yr ban on even approaching us, for domestic violence. My Dad and remaining family are all manchester area. The boys could not handle a journey like that with nothing for them at the end of it. Single Mum has some benefits, but NO freedom! f I could afford, I would arrange us a holiday and bring plants, but money won't even stretch to the fuel,just now. Wish I could do more. We need to sort that middle leg.If we could just get mine and FG plants from Haydock to Lizzie? Seeds are so easy. It cost me £6 to send them from one end of country to the other. But we can't courier that many plants.

Just had a thought. one of my good friends is a HGV driver, out of Cheshire. She has blonde hair to her knees and a bosom to die for. And she can reverse a 40ton artic better than any bloke, and service it, too. I'll ask her help, but it will depend who she works for now, as we usually just talk horses! Off to try now. get back to you allsoon, I hope!

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 05:06

OL, that's a bugger! OH coming up for my B'day on 21st, staying for his on 30th, then Must trave lback on 1st may to have his younger son for his turn. Forgot you need M61 from where you are for Hull. From manchester I used  M6 to M62, or could go  A580, M6, M62 For you, whole M6 is huge detour. I lived off chorley junc of M61 before, and after that lived Knott End, the World's biggest Cul-de-Sac, AKA God's waiting room!

.I had hopes of you dropping off at his house even though he not there, for him to move.But you would be looking at at least a 2 hr detour onto a seriously busy junction. And we still haven't sorted the next leg, so the effort would be for nowt! I'll get Lizzie to find out more about the poss Kendal drop-off. If it could suit, maybe Lee could collect your plants on his way up, then drop off on hid way home. Bless him for putting up with me and everything I rope him and his estate car into! He is willing to accomodate as long as not too many detours from motorway. Can't make his journey too much longer as he is not in best of health, but he will always keep a promise. Might run out of promises for myself, tho! But some of his ideas served for the seeds, like calling it 'Flood Seed Appeal, and asking Daniel for help. Hoping he might write me a 'letter to editor' to get us more publicity.Whatever small interest in gardening that he had before will soon get destroyed in the face of our enthusiasm! Or made stronger, I hope!

Begonia problems

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 04:22

Overwatering. Take them out of the gravel tray immediately. Almost all plants can recover from quite severe underwatering, but can NEVER recover from only moderate.overwatering. Allow them to dry out for a few days, then water the compost but allow to drain freely. Gravel trays are best used to maintain humidity in hot, dry conditions. If pot bases are sitting in the water, the plant roots cannot get air. Many plants can survive many more degrees of cold if kept dry. Cold and wet together are a guaranteed killer. Almost all plants do better with less water in winter. My fuchsias only started to get a dribble of water on the odd warm day in Feb. They have to ask me for water at this time of yr. As do all of my greenhouse plants except seedlings. Never water all plants together. The same plant in the same pot of the same size can need different amounts of water at different times. ALWAYS feel the soil, look at the soil and the plant. Never water anything until the soil is at least a little dry on top. The plant needs to use the water before you give it more. How would you feel if someone forced you to drink water before you were thirsty again? The Japanese Tortured and drowned people that way in POW camps. It is the same for plants. Most prefer some degree of neglect to over-attentive watering, feeding and potting on.

If they mean enought to you to be bothered, you may be able to save them by re-potting into a mixture of potting compost, perlite and vermiculite at a rough ratio of 2:2:1. do not water for a few days after re-potting, but spray the leaves with tepid water if they look droopy. Once the plant has settled in it's pot, water lightly, allowing to drain straight through.The perlite and vermiculite will hold enough water from that for the plant to access until the next watering. In this way, you can save the plants, unless root rot has already set in, in which case, remove all dead roots, into healthy white tissue, then pot into the mixture shown above, and keep dryer for longer. PM if any further questions. I have saved  many plants this way.

In general, the cooler the temp, or the less roots in a pot or container, the less water needed. The higher the temp, and/or the more roots, the more water. A very good rule is to wait unti lthe surface of the compost in the pot is dry before watering. In large pots indoors, you should be able to insert your finger to the first digit before feeling moisture before you water again. Plant roots need just as much air as water, and water drives out air. You could not survive under water very long. Neither can your plants. And sitting them in a tray so that water is always at their roots means that the water rises by capillary action to the top of the soil as it is used.  At this time of yr, the plants are not respiring, not using much water, so gravel trays increase humidity, and possibly drown roots at the time when they need to cope with the odd cold spell by being dry. The most damage is done by water molecules within the plant swelling with extreme cold or frost. Young, soft plant tissues 'burst' under the pressure, and the plant will die. Hardy plants cope with this by taking up only the water that is necessary for suvival at the time of yr. Half hardy plants come from warmer climes and need us to balance the cold and wet for them. If they take a full draught, then get cold, thier cells literally burst and the plant dies. Keep them dry and they can cope at much lower temps.

In short, stop bloody watering! Also, plants can be gradually trained to need less water but still do well, other than some veg and fruits. If you always keep your plants slightly short of water, you save yourself lots of hassle in droughts! Pm me for more info, I learnt lots in my last job that has helped immeasurably now with outdoor plants..


Posted: 12/04/2014 at 03:07

I think it could be an ornamental Ribes. My fruiting ones are way behind that, but the ornamental one, in shade and getting more frost is much more advanced, although not quite opening it's buds yet. I'm in Ayrshire, not far from coast. We get frosts and lots of wind.

Human irrigation system

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 02:58

Edd, I thought that my honesty and forthrightness was the reason I have never been able to hold a relationship. I have been a bit careful on here so as not to alienate people too much. Wow, you really go for it! However, I agree with all you have said. You have, outright, asked Mike all of the questions we wanted to ask, but were TOO POLITE to do. Please be assured that if I was in a sim position, I would appreciate your straight talking. Some people do not want to hear truth. However, in this case, I think it is obviuos how much memebers care for Mike and how much he is cared for by family. And that your comments are well-taken. But not everyone can appreciate that.I can, I have to work hard not to be worse!

So, Mike, there is little for me to say that Edd and others have not already covered.

One thing I will say, is that I spoke to MY Dad today. We have a precarious relationship since we lost Mum suddenly, 3 yrs ago, at 62 y o. He reminded me that my 44th birthday is next wk and he has  not forgotten. I said that I felt old. But then I remembered that he will be 70 next yr.I was shocked. Some people never become old, however old they become.I have seen that so many times. Also, people who are ill, are not ill. I really believe that it is a state of mind. An ill-treated dog with cancer will die quicker than a well-loved one. Homeopathic treatments, herbalist, and all kinds of other therapies, I have seen to work for animals. They cannot know the difference in treatments, just in care and well-being.

My Nanna got cervical cancer at 74. the treatment in those days made her so uncomfortable, that after a few Radiotherapy treatments, she said, 'well, I'm 74 now anyway. I'lll die soon anyway. What's the point in suffering more before I do?' She lived to be 89. It took that long for the secondaries to get her.  She was up on a stool painting her ceiling 4 wks before she died! And she smoked like a chimney and drank whiskey like a trooper until then! Was opinionated to her last hr, criticising my clothes (i had come straight from the stables),and my short hair (I should have kept my curls!) even tho' she didn't recognise me or Mum then! She lived 15 more yrs, with a dire prognosis and almost no treatment.

So if caring alone can work, Mike, you have more than enough. We all care about you, but, more importantly, you care enough about us to need to Know how your advice helps us. That alone will keep you strong enough to beat this.


silly quotes

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 01:56

Just seen this thread, and n0t time to read thro' it all. But I distincly remember asking My Mum whether the Tooth fairy would really want the tooth that had a hole in it. She replied 'What do you think they use for windows in the Fairy Castles?' I even got 10p more for that one! The lies we tell, while telling our kids the consequences of doing the same! My 11 y o is now 'Santa'  to his younger brother. He helps me do 'Santa's' job, from the ordering of the presents, to the wrapping and 'delivery'.  Some lies are ok.

Lisa Massey,bet your Granda was a yorkshireman?  A tighter, more cynical, mocking race of men I have never met. Neither have I met a more genorous, dry, fun, honest and welcoming bunch, either. And I am most definately Lancastrian in origin!  If you tell me he was Lancastrian, then  you just won the 'Wars of the Roses.! But we're both known for almost insulting honesty! However, I'm not sure it always matters where you stand, most people get s*****n on at least once in thier lives. The best of us wipe it off and move on. It often comes from the least expected direction! I've worked with horses for most of my life. Your Granda definitely did NOT mean equines of any sort!! You Know where you stand with them.

The notice I have on my door says 'Bad Day in Progress. Approach at your own Risk!' Well, you were forewarned, but mostly I'm ok, just too busy. Every day is a bad day if you expect tidy and organised. I have kids. But don't bother on PMT days! Even tidy could be bad for you! Especially interrupting garden time!

Funny my eldest helps with Santa Claus, but still believes in the Tooth Fairy. Might that last until he has run out of teeth?


Posted: 12/04/2014 at 01:15

Anything I sow in mod trays, I plant up the whole module, then see who is lookiing really well after a wk or so. rather than disturb any roots, I chop off the weaker spares at soil level, then the roots just rot down in the soil and feed the others. I always try not to disturb roots of any veg.

Perennials don't seem to give a bugger, so I'm quite hard on them. Some can be as bad as weeds!

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