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An ENVY thread....

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 03:57

Oh, so much envy Was this your idea, Tracey. Think so. By the way, the boxer, S&G playing now!

Verdun, you took this on? We're all jealous of your garden, you rotten b****r!

Can't answer all I've seen so far, but in effort to catch up:- I got a GH for free Sept 2012 from my friends' Dad, 6x8, and he gave me new bolts and glass to replace what he broke taking down, all for free. So, I have a GH. I have a med to large garden with 2 sheds, a kids play area, good-sized, irregular shaped borders, 5 raised beds of 8x4' each, made from scaffolding boards.), a patio area, coldframe, and decent-sized lawn for play (although it gets smaller every yr!)  Very stony soil, a pain in backside when digging, but has made paths in fruitcage, and has probably enabled many plants to survive our wet winters. I have also stolen the boys' 8x4 sandpit, made from old sleepers, and added 3 plastic 2x2 rat cage bottoms given by a friend, and the boys already had old shell-shaped sandpits as gardens.

All o my garden gets full sun all summer, except the patio area next to conservatory, which is in deep shade,(North facing).

My envy?

Knowledge, Imagination, gut instinct, experience, an ability to plan, Time, a little more money. More shade for some plants, less wind (the wind is really bad), a different aspect to plant more climbers without cutting the sun I really need. Less need for sun.(not for plants, for me, My Dad is half caste African, and I seem to need more sun than him or any plant!) Somewhere to plant a peach or nectarine, Someone physical to talk through my plans, who is interested enough, and strong enough to talk me into, or out of ideas.

My ex once applied to one of those gardening programmes on the telly to have a makeover. I would have loved the stay in a hotel to keep me out of the way, but I know I would have hated anything they did to my garden without my explicit instructions!.

But I wouldn't care if they painted inside my house sky blue pink with a finny addy border!

So, I think my greatest envy would be the Knowledge, experience and artistic flair to mix the plants that I love into a beautiful, scented, wildlife friendly and useful garden. Another greenhouse wouldn't go amiss, either And 3 more coldframes!

Cutting the lawn

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 01:04

OOh, Tracey, I saw reference to a new thread in your music one, but somehow couldn't find. Was it a garden envy one?

If not, why not, 'cos I'm so jealous of Hostafan. If I had that, I'd have my own lamb! Ooops, sorry, lambs, for you vegetarians!

Really need to take the tufts off my lawn, but it is the mower I have to wait for. So tempereramental. It's petrol, and has to stand outside on a sunny day for a couple hrs before it will start, even though it's shed is warm and dry. No amount of servicing has helped. May have to strim it.

FairyGirl, I'm with you. Very wet, but mine drains quite quickly. Think I'll be out with the fork making holes first.

Since joining GW forum,I have been overwhelmed with all the support & advise

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 00:11

OOPS,' if That's what you like', meant to say. But if tat is what you prefer, I'm sure some of us may be able to supply it., KEF, Verdun?

Since joining GW forum,I have been overwhelmed with all the support & advise

Posted: 08/03/2014 at 00:09

I agree with you all. There is just one huge problem with this forum. Too much to read and learn. The old brain cells can't take it all in, and too many new ideas to try! The most friendly forum ever. Oh, and we need more smileys, now I can use 'em

Hope we've made you feel welcome, Paul. Your time will never be your own again We even have food, drink and music. The biggest online party ever, if tat's what you like, (but with taste!)

Become a Compost Expert

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 23:53

Thanks, Edd

Will look at those as soon as I have chance. Did I see you on the 'flooded gardens' thread?About what will break down in the floodwater? Thank you.

My resident robins love mealworms. Can I breed them? Easily? I will look at the link, just no time right now, having taken on the seed collection.

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 23:48

Sorry not bumped for a day or two, been mad busy with grooming dogs, elderly neighbour, lonely son (brother away), and did get ONE afternoon in garden, digging out plants, some to plant,and some to pot for 'the gardens'.

Phillippa, have tried to pm you, but not working from your avatar. Can you pm me please? Or Rosie?

Fairy, PM me your email. I'll pm you, perhaps we could get together some time?

Got lots of promises of seeds, but none arrived yet. (i'm so impatient) Can everyone ask friends, neighbours, etc? Seeds will be so much easier to send than plants, and many can be grown in pots to give hope and a new start to those whose ground will be recovering for months.  

More than anything, things given freely by strangers, unasked for, may give far more hope and psychological support than anything that has to be fought for. It shows how people are thinking about those affected, when insurance companies etc don't seem to care. A small ray of sunshine in a very large grey cloud can make a big difference.

Also, this appeal has got me off my backside. I have sown more seeds than usual, for spares, and have got out in even bad weather, to see what may be coming through, that can be divided or dug up to give away. All when I want to stay in 'hibernation'! So, helping those who need help helps the helpers who offer help!

And just think how we will all feel, if the recipients send us some pics.

So, Come on, get those packets out. Seeds can be more versatile than plants, let's get them to people who can use them, as soon as poss, whilst we wait to send plants.

Music in the Garden

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 23:05

Oh, Dove, what a fantastic poem. I want to wear tangerine, as it suits me sooo badly! Maybe WITH purple!

My Nanna was once supposed to be watching us on hol in Tenerife when I was 14, and she seriously embarrased me by getting very drunk, chatting up the young waiters, and getting up on the table to sing 'Blaydon races'. At 82 years young! I waanted the ground to swallow me! I want to be like her. I'm practising I wear awful clothes and drink too much

More great songs. Mine for today is 'rockin' Robin', The Jacksons. With a pic from yesterday to go with it.


artjak, can I borrow you for my massive BT row, please. Bet if we started a thread, there would be loads of complaints.If you can get the same person twice, you're doing better than me. I'm refusing to pay final bill and waiting for them to take me to court for my say. No luck so far!

And Lily, no, navy won't do AT ALL! has to be a colour you hate, of everyone else hates. Navy is WAAAYY too sober and boring for making fun changes


Posted: 07/03/2014 at 22:32

Oh, Dear, Hollie. Welcome. You definateley suffer from this affliction if you couldn't remember that you had them! No bother, we are here to help

If you can bear to part with any, please see the 'Help for flooded gardens' thread.

Angry as all Hell

Posted: 05/03/2014 at 07:49

To anyone who has sent me a PM since 3-5 march, I have been trying to give personal answers to your questions/comments, but either my tech ability is rubbish, the site isn't playing, or my BB is in question. I have spoken to my BB company. on a good note, may have some unofficial support for the 'floodline' there, convinced the guy to sign up to the forum, I hope, but BB fine.

I have tried to send some answers to your PM's, and every time I have tried to send, they have appeared to delete themselves. On checking sent mail, it appears that partial messages have been sent. Now I know that a 4000 character limit has been set, but even I am rarely so wordy (wish we had a word counter when I was at school) There are a lot of messages in my inbox, and usually I can answer them. allowing for time, I've been at it since 10pm last night, and haven't even checked the forum yet. Even very short messages, just my address are not playing. As everything has worked fine before and BB is playing nice, I can only assume a site problem as others have had before.

Be assured, all of you who have offered seeds and asked for my address,I will get to you very soon. And if you can't get me, please pm Rosie31. She has my address and will pm to you. And remember, she is the one working hardest on this. If anyone can help with logistics, transport, etc, I'm sure she will welcome the help.

artjak, you opened a great big can of worms here, didn't you? Hope you're happy

You should be, actually. you have pulled together many caring people who may not have thought of this by themselves. But your idea has united many people, and really brought out thier caring side. I never leave my home, have become a virtual recluse, but you spoke to something within me , an now Rosie has named me Chief Seed Collector, or something similar. I can still be reclusive and help, all together

Anyway, I'm angry cos I haven't been to bed yet trying to sort this, haven't had chance to look at the rest of the forum, it's looking like sunny today AGAIN 3 days in row but I have to work later, which means moving all of my compost bins, ready filled mods and trays. etc, to earn money to keep me in pots, compost, etc. (Ha, I wish. Need to put up my prices!)

Anyway, if anyone can't raise a pm from me for seeds, Rosie31 has my address, and I will shortly ensure that a couple of other trusted regular, members do, if they agree to keep it.

I know that you all understand why private addresses cannot be posted online, even for good causes.

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 03/03/2014 at 22:04

Thanks, Rosie, you beat me to it!

And Thank You, pinkquartet. That makes you FIRST!

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