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Posted: 12/08/2013 at 00:18

Hi, I'm new here, but have to tell you that I have grown 2 twisted stem fuchsias that are now 3 yrs old.  Have had some accidents along the way with wind and nearly lost them this yr due to a late frost and just getting used to new greenhouse.  They were both 3 stems, but have lost bits along the way.  They were my 1st attempt, and am training in new stems to replace the damage.  May work, may not, but they both look ok at the mo.  They are Standard height, and still supported. Am still removing flowers to try to save them, and will post pics tomorrow.

This year have started new ones, all 3 stems, with the benefit of hindsight, and a greenhouse to overwinter, although we will still be sharing the house with fuchsias this winter! Have 2 or 3 really promising ones at the mo, quite different, including a bi-colour, and will be starting a Tri as soon as my newer cuttings are large enough. 

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