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Happy Mothers Day.

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 03:12

Sorry to go on. I have looked at so many cars, and asked so much advice. This car does not fit all of my criteria, but I will be gutted if it fails the MOT. Mum or sentimentality? This is the first yr in 12 that I have been a mother, that I have really thought that this day belongs to me. But My Mum, and my Nanna are still there. They still watch over my boys (which I say to sooth them), but I think I must still believe that, a little, at least. Mum chose a star to be my Nanna's when she died, for my younger siblings. Even then, I wanted to believe. It was only the North Star, easy to find, very bright, but my boys really believe that it has got brighter since my Mum, their Nanna, died. It has, in a way. We have moved to an area with less light pollution, so many stars are easier to find.

Anyway, enough about us. It seems that this thread has mostly,been about missing Mums, as you started it, Lily. I am so sorry to hijack. No-one other than Marion was recipient rather than giver. And no-one appeared to be both Mum and missing Mum. If I have upset anyone with the great day I had, I am sorry. But when I lost My Mum, I tried to kill myself. I have been very lucky to keep those boys who made my day such a happy one yesterday, and only then because it was a toss-up between two bad parents, and he got convicted for domestic violence, twice. I still have SS help, but 6 months of their help can never match one gentle bollocking from my quiet ladylike MUM. I can never describe how much I miss her. But I HAVE to be MUM or Nanna now. There is no-one else. I can never live up to  My Mum Or Nanna. But I have to try.

Lily, your post has done more for me than anything psychiatrists can. I WILL get off my arse  more to support my family instead of strangers. If I'm missing Mum, it is maybe worse for myyounger siblings.

And with ref to an earlier post, I must admit to having had a lot to drink, but am definately not 'maudlin'! , just perhaps,too caring

Happy Mothers Day.

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 02:50

What a lovely thread, all of you. My Mum is not with me any more, but her favourite freesias are just poking up their noses in pots in the GH, and the Orchids that I put on her coffin in the Nov we lost her are still blooming, but about to go past thier peak.

I hope you all had a lovely day, Mother or child. I notice that only Marion posted about what she received.

Well, as my boys are only 11 and 6, I had a lovely day. My new partner arranged a card and present for me, with them, from 'Moon pig'. A lovely teddy and card. My 89 yr old neighbour asked her hairdresser to buy a card for my boys to write. And my 6 yo made one at school. He was great. While his elder brother swore him to secrecy, he was itching to give it to me on Friday, when he was told to wait 'til Sun. On Sat, he said, 'Mum, at Christmas, we open cards before Christmas Day, so why can't you have your card early?'  Who can argue with that kind of logic? So I got a lovely card, early, back to front, in the best handwriting that he WILL NOT produce for his teacher, in lovely drawings and colourings, that again, HE WILL NOT DO AT SCHOOL, thanking me for feeding him and making him cups of tea (which I don't drink but he loves) with a spoken list of other things he loves me for but had no time to write at school. What a little love, and he is autistic. My eldest was in cahoots with the neighbour. She asked him to go into the village on the bus today to get her a paper, cos my tesco delivery was not necessary this wk (I normally order her a Sun paper) But in reality for him to get readt meals for the 2 of them so that I wouldn't have to cook. He even kept it secret until I came in from the garden to make their tea, then told me they had eaten already!

I was allowed to stay in my garden all day with very few interruptions, no arguments or sulks, with an hour extra (would have been longer if the streetlight outside was working), no cooking, and the boys had hours of fun with the old toddler trike that I have finally put out for the council to take ( that I thought was not good enough to give away at min 12 yrs old, might re-think that!)

They got themselves bathed, put out clean uniforms, brushed their teeth and have bags and shoes ready by the door for morning. By 8pm. TV etc turned off at wall. Gave me big hugs and kisses, and went to bed!!!! No Bother!!!! NO Nagging that means they stay up later! So they can do it. No More excuses. The downside is that the house is now a tip! Again. But they have proved that my nagging works, when I don't need to, and that if I am happy, I nag less and praise more.

And to top the lot, rain is forecast tomorrow, (Mon), but I have one of my most expensive dogs to groom tomorrow, who will take all day (but he's lovely), My boys are in the 50th anniversary school play, with eldest taking second lead, and the money from that dog should top off the fund to buy a car I am looking at, that, can you believe, although old, is almost the exact same model, yr and mileage as the car Mum loved most before we lost her. It's even the same colour. The only difference is that this one is a hatchback, which I need for the dogs, and Mum's was a saloon. It belongs to the boys' swimming instructor, so I know it is reliable, she doesn't want to part with it, but hubby wants a Jeep he has his eye on. I just hope it passes MOT later today. If it does, Mum really is still there, looking down on us. If it doesn't, then she still is, but wouldn't it be strange if I can get it  I have looked at so many cars, but a chance conversation produced the possibility of a car just like Mum's. We have been carless for 2 yrs almost, now, but I never accepted that Mum was gone, before.

Time to get busy!

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 01:07
Busy Bee2 wrote (see)

Andy - you were a VERY important influence in my should I/shouldn't I days - in fact I have been inspired by your photo of a greenhouse ready to go after re-furbishment, throughout the whole process.  I can't tell you how jealous I was of its pristine readiness!!!  I hereby promise to move the pallet. 

Where do I find that to see anywhere I went wrong? Didn't have this forum when I put mine up.


Busy Bee2 wrote (see)

Andy - when you say 'my two', greenhouses begin to sound like kids!!

BB, that's 'cos they are! They take at least as much time, routine and attention! But can also give you a wee escape from 'the real world'! They are also like a Tardis. You wonder how it can all fit in, and time seems to alter (disappear), once you step inside. And it is a different world. YES, you can now go out in the horrible weather, be with your plants, Have that glass of wine and feel cocooned from the worst of everything. Just don't put a light and a radio in there, or you may never leave When I got mine up, with a little help from my eldest (10-Y-O at the time), he said 'let me know when you're done, Mum, and I'll give you a hand with your bed'! I can sometimes be found in there beyond midnight, tying in fuchsias and potting stuff on, with a nice glass of something to hand, knowing the kids are safely snoring.

Can plants suffer from second-hand ciggy smoke, does anyone know, by the way? I know they filter all kinds of 'bad' stuff for us, which is one reason I had a job before I moved here, and why plants are used to counter 'sick building syndrome', but I never saw ciggy smoke mentioned in any reports. 

I am so excited for you and OL, BB. I know how it feels to finally get a GH. I spend so much more time cleaning that than my house windows! Have a window cleaner for outside the house, but I would never trust anyone to do my GH, even tho' he has offered me a very reasonable price to do same for that. GH work is fun and satisfying. Housework is just a chore. I would sooner cut my and my neighbours' grass than vacuum the house!

ENJOY, both of you, but please post pics. Often!! 

Time to get busy!

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 00:20

Oh, BB, you haven't discovered plants just for the heck of how they look, then yet? Oh Dear. They are the ones you grow just cos you like them, not for food. Although I have decided that all my plants MUST serve a purpose

So, here's a bunch of reasons to have non-food plants, 

1, good for pollinating critters, especially bees, and help wildlife in general as feed, shelter etc etc.

2 help deter the bad critters, by smell, looks or taste (I HATE marigolds, but they are supposed to be good for the garden, and you can make handcream from them, so they can just sneak in this yr!)

3 encourage the good predator critters that eat the critters who eat my food plants.

4 Smell good

5 can be cut for house

6 make a windbreak or give shelter to fruit or veg plants

7 you think you may sell a few to get more funds for more garden stuff. (ha, some excuse. I'm obsessed with trying to grow almost useless standard fuchsias with twisted stems, and they take up huge amounts of time an greenhouse space)

8 They can add structure to your garden and yr round interest to your garden, which, according to the mags and tv I am assured is necessary for a well balanced garden

9 someone you like gave it to you, knowing you like gardening, but have, themselves, not a clue. These tend to get mollycoddled out of all proportion, and this is possibly what usually kills them, just as the person asks how it is doing!

10 they sit in pots or baskets all summer, at your busiest time, needing loads of watering and feeding,and don't even have the decency to come back again next yr, BUT They are pretty and fit at least one of above.

11 they make good compost material

12 You just like 'em. They may be pretty useless for any other reason, but they make you smile. Which maybe should be the No 1 reason to have them

But on no account start to waste hard-earned GH space on them. Do as I say, not as I do, me too



Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 02:26

Oh, Artjak, Nut, Rosie And Lizzie. So well done. My OH has promised he will meet anyone at Haydock. However, he only has a very small, dark garden, and is Death to plants, so they could not stay there long.He will be back from my house 2-3rd May. I believe Fairy might be nr me? And might be persuaded to part with a few plants? I could be wrong, but I can't be the most northern one amongst us, surely?

Is it possible to change the name of a thread but keep the posts? I wonder if we might reach more forum members that way? Maybe post it as an appeal?

Sorry, been typing this for ages, but watching 'Gorillas in the Mist' at same time. Such a sad film, but to see the plants so much bigger and healthier is great. And to know that her sacrifice has gone a long way towards saving a nearly extinct species. Which then leads me to another thought. Could there be native plants that may struggle now?

Is this earwigs?

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 01:39

Small slugs and snails make small holes! Although in my experience, it is usually snails high up and slugs low down. I have found snails up by my bedroom window before now. They can shelter themselves to some degree. But sligs seem to like to stay low so they can hide from sun and heat. I would say snails, but more experience from someone else may have a more specific answer.

In my hot dry front garden, my hostas get eaten to death in any weather. In the back, only in damp weather. I think snails in front and slugs in back.

Time to get busy!

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 01:31

BB, did you have to tell me that? I'm jealous of Andy's 2. But I fear I would have to do away with the kids play area to fit another in! I've already stolen their 8x4 sandpit!

Gardeners never have enough space. And now I'm really discovering ornamentals through you lot, I'm buggered!

I have a birthday this year so what are ŷou going to get me?

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 01:20

Resemble is the right word there, Luvvy

I note we don't see cakes from you. What about our Birthdays? I want cheesecake. Not as you know it. I just want a great big cake-shaped cheese. Preferably a garlic cheese.

What would the rest of you like from Verdun for your Birthdays?

Turn his tables for him




Posted: 29/03/2014 at 01:13

Look at the other allotment posts. Lots of good advice, and I can't be a****d to repeat now!

Welcome. You will find us a friendly bunch, mostly.(everyone else is, anyway!) 

New Allotment, advice please!!

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 01:00

ENJOY! I could not get an allotment when in England, but now have quite a good sized garden.

As said before, don't try to do too much too soon. I started with 2 raised beds, 8x4', a chicken pen that I turned into a raspberry cage,then 5, now 6 raised beds and some smaller ones just for veg. And lots of borders. My lawn shrinks every yr when I find something else to grow. Sometimes I can't wait for the kids to grow so I can steal thier play area! But then who would eat my veg?

Your allotment will naturally evolve. Who was it who said 'don't sweat it'? 

If all is cleared, keep it covered until you need it. Green manures, carpet, cardboard, straw, polythene, anything that will keep those weeds down. Compost area essential. Tools to suit. Greenhouse or polytunnel if you are allowed one.

Well done on all your hard work.We expect pics, you know. A condition of asking advice

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