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worst gardening old wives tales

Posted: 24/03/2014 at 21:02

I heard that if you grow asparagus you will soon leave that house! It happened to me in my last house and now I'm not sure I dare grow it here

I thought it was the rowan tree that you must say a prayer to.

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 24/03/2014 at 20:34

Thank You, Dove and Lizzie27. More seeds for the collection. I will send them off this wk, for them to get used.  

Thanks, Everyone. I am sure that they will be appreciated.

Still collecting

Philippa, I had a nice time looking them all up. Now need to get some of them to my garden, but it will have to be next yr now, when I've made some space!

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 06:01

ok, folks, i've had a few, but will try to answer you all.please excuse me if I ramble!

Rosie, I'm not wonderful, all of the members who send seeds are.All i do is sit here and get lovely packages, then file them ready to send. One more week and the box for now goes so that those who are growing for the unfortunate can get a good go at it. We can still ask for more seeds/plants in a more leisurely manner when immediate results are not so neccessary. 250 packets doesn't actually look like much, once filed away. How many gardens are we talking about?

Artjak is,wonderful for the idea, and you are for the work you have put in.I am not comfortable with the praise that I am getting. All I do is get the seeds, and will send them on. Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy! You are chasing up everyone for plant transport, and running the whole shebang. Found where I should send the seeds, when all I thought of was collecting them. I left it to you to tell me where to send them. 

So, I am giving YOU an 'official' title. 'Head Boss and Co-ordinator for the Flood Appeal'. The wording can be worked on, but it must show your efforts. And once decided on, you will have a card to prove it, as you did for me!

KEF. you are obviously not a member who could be called into the 'seedaholics' thread. As far as I know, you are the only person who went out, deliberately, to buy seeds to send, to help. That makes you very sad (why did you not have seeds of your own to part with) But also extremely generous. Not in the amount of money you spent, but that you did, and that you thought of seeds that could work, now. You have shamed all the rest of us 'seedaholics', and shown true,altruism.  Of all of the rest of us who gave seeds, we gave excess, or thse that we then realised we could not grow.

Artjak, are you a bit bewildered by what you have started? Did you ever think it might become so big? I was asking Daniel tonight whether GW might consider a paragraph, then I find it is already done! I'm so slow!

Philippa, yours are the only 'home collected' seeds so far. And it is yours that I am not sure how to classify. Also, I believe that if plants can be got to you, you might be able to move them to where they may be needed most?

If any of you have any issue with what I Have said, or can help further, please PM me. in reply. i will pm my phone no, as I believe that some more direct contact is neccessary to move this cause onwards.

 Sport Relief has already raised a record amount of money,£51 million and it has not all been counted in, yet. Only a small proportion of that is actually spent HERE.

I am not expecting that we can raise anything like that amount of money.  But wouldn't it be great if we could raise money for  disadvantaged or disabled gardeners. All organically, selling our excess, and including ANY disadvantaged people WITHOUT specific problems. Include those without specific disabilities. Just don't have the space, or can't get away due to caring for parents or kids.Sharing space, like IncredibleEdilble. If a tiny town like Todmorden can do it, maybe we can collectively at least avoid taxes, and grow some unusual fruit and veg at the same time?

So far, this forum has shown that gardeners care about others. Can we use that, after we have got the 'Gardens' back up and running?

We have Comic Relief, Sport Relief, and any other number of reliefs., Oh, and Children in Need.. Pudsey in all of his guises. Does Pudsey ever raise £51 million to support children in our own country? I donated to Sport Relief yesterday. When I saw a British need. They were hard to find. My blooodline is very uncertain. My Dad was the only black child of 10 kids from the same mother. she never brought any of them up.only admitted t

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 02:39

Oh bugger! How much do I miss by not being on here enough? Kids, house, work, then garden is my reward, so forum is a secondary reward. Now, after a herculean effort, EVERY SINGLE ROOM in my house is clean and tidy, from top to bottom, ALL AT ONCE! Not one room storing crap! I'm a cross between an obsessive hoarder and obsessive compulsive cleaner! The max put out today for council to take.I am so pleased with myself, that I went out in garden today in pissing down rain to do what I needed to, urgently. My boys both had friends over 'cos I was not too embarrassed to ask thier Mums in. I feel EPIC! Right, now, I will try to answer you all individually in one post, but it may not work out that way. Me being so crap at IT! 

But before I answer all of your lovely posts, I must tell you all that Daniel, our moderator, sent me a package of seeds today. However, I'm a little disappointed, I must say, as, if he asked around his colleagues, in his job, we could have loads more! But, his message gave me a boost, thanking me, and the poor bugger has to cope mostly with our complaints and probs with the forum.  I have thanked him for his care, but then asked him to put a paragraph in the Mag. Mine came today, haven't had time to open it, but there is already a mention? How do I rescind a nagging message? Oh, now I feel so bad for nagging that lovely man.

Right, now I am posting this reply in case I lose it while replying to you all.

Daniel, I'm not having 'a go', but will you please ask around? You've been lovely.

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 22:56

Hi, Folks. So sorry not to have been on all wk, work has been crackers, and the kids clubs, school play rehearsals and swimming later. Just been too tired and hitting my pit early.

I'm not quite swamped under a mountain of seeds, (some mixing of metaphors there, I think), but have had more. 

Thank you to

Rosie31, and thank you for the lovely card. Do you make cards, too?

Philippa smith2, some of those seeds look too pretty to sow. Are they all from your own plants?

KEF Did you go out and buy seeds specially to send?

Got your parcels this wk, now over 250 packets, and now more veg. There are seeds of plants I have never heard of! I've made a list to look them up, as I can't file them otherwise!

As I've been sowing, I have added the seeds that are left, and have sown extra of everything in hopes of plant transport. So far lots of toms, some chillies, maybe onions. Sweet peas, Lots of fuchsia cuttings, some of the giant traily ones, and and upright that I use for standards but will grow as a bush. Flower seeds will be sown soon.

Daniel said he has had a rummage around the office and will be sending them soon.

I'll keep more up to date with you all in future, even if only on this thread when I'm busy. And, HA Ha, who mentioned being out in the garden? I wish! Had one nice day last wk, then 2 this week while I was working. Today the wind shredded the polythene covers on my beds, just as they were nice and warm and waiting for seeds. Now soggy and cold again. First day of Spring

Who ate the lupins???

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 03:32

Definitely mice, the wee beggars. I can't have anything new without at least a nibble. I once chased one from my strawberries and watched it go to my peas! Now I have lots of traps, and let the kids' pet rats have a run around. I also sprinkle the used bedding around, and that seems to deter them for a while. I used to be humane about getting rid, but now I've had enough. They bite the strawbs off the stems while still white, then don't even eat them I wouldn't mind so much if they stole ripe ones and actually ate them! In one night last yr they had every single sweet pea and sunflower seed that I sowed under a mini-tunnel. 120! So now they get deaded. Sorry

Companion planting for veg

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 03:22

If I want to use calendula to help keep the bugs from my veg, must they be the original species officianalis, or can I use prettier ones. Don't much like the old ones, although I believe they are the only ones to use to make my own handcream! 

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 03:18

Bumping again We're on a roll here, now.

Bay tree position

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 03:16

Mine lived for yrs, but beware very long frosts that cause the roots to freeze for an extended time, and insulate the pots if that looks likely. Also, mine were south facing, and I think that thawing too quickly on sunny mornings didn't help. They are probably safest where they are, if used to it.

Simple question alert!

Posted: 13/03/2014 at 03:10

Oh, it's not italic now sent! Blinkin computers

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