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What a difference a year makes

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 21:47

I agree

Moth and a half

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 18:11

The tree icon is to the right of the smiley face on the toolbar.

What a difference a year makes

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 18:10

Very nice, more than can be said for that sh***y extension, it looks so out of place with the surrounding brickwork.

tv programmes

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 21:56

Lyn, thanks for the list, 3 on there I've not heard of and will look up.

tv programmes

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 14:02

Sky used to have a channel called UKTV Style that had all the old gardening programmes on and some new ones too, then it changed to Home and disappeared.

WHAT IF.........

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 10:18

If they're teeny tiny I will pick them up, but those big buggers get the glass and cardboard treatment and if they don't play ball, then its the hoover. I also do bee, beetle, dragonfly, cranefly, wasp and moth duty too. My boys call any spider they see Mr Skinnylegs (from Peppa Pig).

tv programmes

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 10:13

Hi Rosemummy, I just checked June's GW mag and I found that Love Your Garden is back for a new series on the 23rd, Plant Odysseys (Carol Klein) and The Secret History of the British Garden will be on BBC2 but the date and time haven't been confirmed yet.

An invasion of you forum lot's privacy...

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 10:10

I tried to do a pic but the only successful load was this one with my arms in it.

What to do with this bush?

Posted: 14/06/2015 at 15:42

I thought it might be a variety of pyracantha but a close up pic will help to identify it.

Hayfever peaking

Posted: 13/06/2015 at 17:43

I first got it in 76 when I was 10 and my eye puffed up like I had been boxing. Back then fabahistin worked. Over the years I've had clarityn, but the best two I've found are Benadryl and Telfast (fexofenadine). My hayfever only starts in June, I'm allergic to grass, but I did find I had to take it when the new neighbours started tearing down their home from the inside, it made my eyes itch like hell and Benadryl was the only thing to calm it down. Some of the stronger medications you won't be able to drive as they can cause drowsiness.

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Bargain Buy of 2015

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Shrub ID

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Plant ID

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