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Seed and plant swap 2015

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 09:18

Seeds arrived today Fidget, thanks

Seed and plant swap 2015

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 22:24

Thanks Fidget.

A Grass, but which one?

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 10:46

I've taken a couple more pics. This is the seed head

This is the seed head as its opening

Fully opened

 Individual seeds

 I couldn't get any closer without it blurring.



A Grass, but which one?

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 21:01

I will try to take a close up tomorrow and add to the thread

A Grass, but which one?

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 15:59

I do have one of those (without realising, so thanks) a bit further back in the same border. I looked at my images and before the seed heads open they look abit like sweetcorn tops. If you enlarge top middle the seeds look like very long needles.

Idea's Please

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 11:11

My mother in law bought it for me years ago. It has a crack in it but is perfect for this kind of plant. Its sitting on a corner of a large fish pond.

A Grass, but which one?

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 10:55

 The wispy grass at the front.


ideas for raised beds -new garden

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 10:49

Can't go wrong with geraniums. They come in all sizes and colour of flower and leaf.

Phlomis, in yellow, pink or violet. Birds like the seeds and provide winter interest.

Cornus (dogwood) small white flowers, then berries and then the leaves fall off and you have coloured stems in red, orange, yellow, green, brown, black, depending on the variety.

Idea's Please

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 10:45

Snap Dove and Hosta, was thinking that myself. These are mine so far.


Any ideas for an entry.....

Posted: 18/08/2015 at 10:32

3 eggs, 150g (6oz) each of caster sugar, butter and self raising flour. Mix sugar and butter together, then add the eggs then flour. Divide into 2 sandwich tins lined with tin foil and cook on gas no.5  for 30-35 mins.

Sandwich the sponges when cooled with jam and dust the cake with icing sugar.

I'd show you one I did earlier but they don't last long in my house.

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