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What have I unearthed?

Posted: 11/11/2017 at 12:35

oh the saga of dug up bulbs!  it happens to us all when we are messing about in the garden.  Some bulbs are pretty obvious - crocus - daffodills and so on, but there are many that are easily confusible.  My solution is to pot them up and top the pot with a little gravel so that rain does not disturb the soil. I then sink the pots in a bit of unused garden and wait and see what comes up.  You can then site the pots exactly where you think they ought to be and plant the contents out.

Personally I would bin the cherry - you have no idea what variety it is and it will take years to grow into anything worthwhile.

If you want cherry laurel, those bits should grow away and give you a hedge.

Overwintering a chrysanthemum ball

Posted: 30/10/2017 at 14:55

I have the very pot standing by!  Not bad for a fiver was it?....reduced from £15.  I reckoned that even if it only lasted as long as a bunch of flowers it was worth it.  Fingers crossed that I get something next year - that really would be a bonus.

Overwintering a chrysanthemum ball

Posted: 30/10/2017 at 12:34

Many thanks Flumpy - I'll do just that and see what happens.

I've had several goes at attaching a photo but the camera icon does not seem to understand uploading from the computer.  I thought I had succeeded by cut and paste but it seems to have vanished.  I'll have one more go and then I'm afraid that's it.

Overwintering a chrysanthemum ball

Posted: 29/10/2017 at 15:44

In a weak moment I bought a huge chrysanthemum ball from the chucky out bin at the GC.  It is stunning - covered in three different coloured flowers.

Should I just enjioy it as it is for the moment and then cut my losses and compost it, or is there a way to save it and get some flowers next year?

I'm not sure it will go through the door of my new greenhouse,. or if it's worth even trying.

HELP please

Unknown Plant (Weed)?

Posted: 29/10/2017 at 15:33

I agree.  Get it out now whilst it is still quite weak as everywhere it touches the ground it will root.  I hope yours is not growing through a holly hedge where I find it invading from next door - your self-harming Fidget is probably similar to mine from the combinatiion of holly and bramble.  Why do we put ourselves through this?

A few flower ID's please.

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 16:25

The orange one looks like a double californian poppy - if it is it may self seed for next year. The paler one is an annual chrysanthemum, and the last one, I agree, Anthemis tinctoria

Lambs Ear?

Posted: 21/10/2017 at 16:20

Love verbascums but watch out for the mullein moth - wonderful colourful caterpillars that will demolish the young plants over a couple of days.  Fascinating to watch as they grow from tiny caterpillars into great big fat ones but very destructive!  I usually leave one sacrificial plant and pick them off the rest, but always wearing gloves.

Are Family pear trees any good

Posted: 27/09/2017 at 10:33

I considered that Pansyface, but I think I like the visual impact of a more fan shape I would get with a tree - it is not just a fruiting tree, it will be a focal point at the end of the garden.  I guess I could add a single cordon later, but I guess I may just be too lazy to do that!

Are Family pear trees any good

Posted: 26/09/2017 at 19:35

Thank you both for helpful replies.  I have found them on both Pippin and Pomona sites, whilst Unwins are offering five varieties grafted onto one trunk, but whist this is very tempting  I think it is pushing my luck.  It's just a matter of choosing which three varieties.....I definitely prefer comice over williams.  Sadly no company seems to want to graft the less well known varieties like Josephine de Malines.  I wonder if I will get fruit in side three years?

Are Family pear trees any good

Posted: 26/09/2017 at 17:23

Really sorry to get no answer to this question  - surely somewone out there has some knbowledge of these trees? Please?

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